Few First Weeks OMG!!!

So finally my summer has passed, and it’s time for a new semester. However, it didn’t goes smoothly as I used to hope. The fact is… these weeks drive me crazy. I can’t believe I have a ton of work that I have to remember and do, along with stupid troubles that are needed to solve. Oh man! It pissed me off. And it causes a lot of stress that has still continued and piled up until today. I got tired for all of this. And more terrible, this gives me a lot of weird dreams at nights that I couldn’t make my sleep soundly. I always space out with no reason and feel boring, plus get impatient more often. I get more lazy, and just want to throw everything away so I don’t have to care about them. At some time like this, what I like is playing games, but the games (well yeah, now I’m playing Elsword Online) doesn’t make me satisfied (In truth, I feel like bursting out because the gameplay now of people is not nice. A lot of weird things happen in the game and people’s gameplay and strategies are quite… stingy) so I don’t usually play games now. How’s about chatting with people? No. I don’t have many friends that I want to talk to and I don’t like communicate directly either. Moreover, when I’m in trouble, I avoid to talk to people whom I feel about like they can’t sympathize with my emotion. Well, yes, it’s horrible to keep silence and bury your own feelings without sharing but for me, it’s better a lot to suffer alone than sharing but after that feeling what you tried to do is in vain. Sometimes I hope to find someone can hear and understand me but ending up finding out that my stories is just a nonsense and annoying story for them, and they even can laugh without thinking and gave me give me stupid advice that is so common and hollow. For them the trouble I have is just a trivial matter but for me, it’s serious. Maybe I’m quite strict but who knows, the serious side in me is something that helped me until now, to gain respect (perhaps it’s just my thought).

That’s why after all that, I ended up letting myself engulf in my passion of drawing. I use most of my free time at home to draw, to sketch, and to CG. When I do that, I feel like I can live and be optimist that I can let my troubles pass through and be solved later. It may sound like stupid and daydreaming but that’s my way. I don’t care if people like them or not. I feel comfortable and I’m pleased to live in ‘my world’.


So, I think we should end the story of mine here. I have something to show in this blog, or what I could do in my last days of summer. I love them.

First, my new ID for DA gallery. I know it’s not so nice and the line is not flexible or something like that but at least, it’s not so bad. Yeah, I’m drawing myself but of course in real life, I’m not so beautiful or cute like that (just so-so^^;). To be honest, I’m more like a tomboy. I like simple appearance and strong thought and personality. I like coolness, and people say that my face is quite poker too, or emotionless Lol. This pic, I just wanted to try the sparkling eyes that’s seen very often in shoujo manga, but since I draw boys and action more, it has the sense of shounen more instead. And the BG, just love coloring circles.


Second, oh my, this is the mark of my improvement this year:

I lost my original size at first, but fortunately, I had taken a photo of the WIP screen so I still got the lineart to color Lol, and it even turned out more impressive than I thought. Well, this is an art-trade for AlicePyxis, one of my DA friends. I wanted to draw my RF and her CN in a soft romantic scene and I was so satisfied because finally I could draw my in-game model (thought it’s not full body but I think it’s better). It didn’t took me so much time either, thought it has some difficult spots to CG. And I got better in BG and effect too. I just testing brushes on SAI and use a little trick on Elements 9 to emphasize the light source, and then it became extremely good. I was even more happy when people like it. Well, it’s the first time I have so many favorite adding in a very short time like this one. Thanks to this time drawing, I learn a lot of new things in making good effect and using colors.


And the third. Hah, a WIP from a long time ago that I used to post my 50% WIP here in one of my blog. It’s a meme that I really really wanted to do, and I like it because it has been a long time since I last draw… like this. They are all my very first OC when I started liking to do design by myself, mostly because of the inspiration from MMZ and MMZX series. When I drew them, I felt like I could see my old days and my old passion again, from the days I used pencil to the time I first got my tablet and used it until the day I ‘made friend’ with my current Intuos 4. For me they are the best designs that I used to do and create, and to be honest, though now my skill is better a lot than before but I still feel hard when drawing them Lol (dunno why but I always make silly mistakes^^;). I love them!



Yes, and it’s the last pic of my summer. I completed it one day before the first days I went back to school. Of course now I’m still drawing but for this post, I think it’s enough.

Sound Horizon 5th story Roman -Utsukushiki Mono- Vietnamesse translated

Another translation of Sound Horizon song for practice and for fun. It seems there’s quite a time I haven’t do it, so I wonder if my translation is still good^^;; This time I choose Utsukushiki Mono to practice because the song has a very beautiful melody and I love it, especially when I love Kaori voice much. When she sings, her voice is like an angel’s. high and pure and very melodious. I’ve listened to this song several time and fond with it, never feel boring, though this song describes a sad story, like the others in 5th Horizon Roman.

And recently I’ve heard that SH is going release their new album, which is a collaborated project, so it is called Linked Horizon. The name of this album is Luxendarc Shokikou (meaning “The small diaries of Luxendarc“). I am so excited because finally they release a new story. And I’m quite curious to know what the story this time will talking about. I saw the covers of the three editions on White Crow page, and I thought first when seeing them is Revo looks like Jack Sparrow in Pirates of Caribbean Lol (or a bard I think). Hope that it’s not like what I used to guess. You know, it makes me think of Idolfried Ehrenberg in Marchen album and the song Umi wo Watatta Conquistadores of TTE3 (SH fans consider that these two have some connection because they mention about Cortez and the other details also make sense), so I think if I true, it can be possible.

So, if you want to hear the previews of this new album, check them here:




Now return to my job. Here it goes!

Original version (by Kaori):

Instrumetal version (duet guitars):



Cái đẹp

(Utsukushiki Mono – Beautiful Things)



Giai điệu này đây em đã yêu tha thiết…  Tiếng nhạc Harmonica vang vọng khắp khung trời…

Bức tranh sơn dầu trên thành cửa sổ, được ôm lấy bởi những thiên thần kia… này… Bức tranh phong cảnh ấy… thật đẹp phải không?


Kìa – [c’est -]

Mang theo bên mình ngọn gió… những cánh hoa nhạt màu ấy… hoài niệm của mùa xuân…

Thật là một giọng hát du dương… Cô gái đang hát ấy [Monica]… cùng tiếng chim ríu rít… Chiếc kim đồng hồ vẫn quay ->


Đấy là – [c’est -]

Nối dài da trời trong xanh… những đám mây trôi lững lờ… Ký ức về mùa hè…

Giọng hát ấy thật hay,,, Cô gái đang cất giọng ấy [Monica]… cùng tiếng ve sầu rôm rả… Chiếc kim thời gian dịch chuyển ->


Chị sẽ không quên… Những khung cảnh em nói ấy… thật đẹp

Để thu thập ‘Những vật xinh đẹp’… Cuộc đời [con người] sinh ra để làm điều ấy –


Những mùa [saison] ngắn ngủi mà em đang ôm lấy… tất cả chịu đựng trong cơn mưa của sự đau đớn đang trút xuống…

“Chị đừng lo”… em nói với một nụ cười… Làm sao chị quên được nét mặt ấy của em…


Đó – [c’est -]

Mỉm cười từ khung cửa số… là ánh dạ nguyệt… hồi ức của mùa thu…

Giọng hát đẹp đẽ ấy… Cô gái cất tiếng hát [Monica]… cùng tiếng côn trùng vo ve… Kim đồng hồ đánh nhịp ->


Còn đây – [c’est -]

Phủ dầy mặt đất… Tuyết trắng đang ngủ yên… Kỷ niệm về mùa đông…

Chất giọng ngọt ngào… Cô gái ấy hòa âm [Monica]… cùng cơn gió buốt giá của thời gian… Kim đồng hồ không ngừng quay ->


Đẹp thật… Chị sao có thể quên… những khung cảnh mà em từng sống…

Để có thể tìm được ‘Sự đẹp đẽ’… Cuộc đời [con người] đã chết đi
Những mùa [saison] rực rỡ em đã chạy qua… tất cả trong sự thiêu đốt của ánh lửa bệnh tật…

“Ah… thật đẹp quá”… em ra đi trong nụ cười… Chị sẽ không bao giơ quên hình ảnh ấy của em…


Vào buổi sáng ngày em được sinh ra… Khi ấy chị vẫn còn là một cô bé nhõng nhẽo… Dù chị vẫn còn nhỏ, chị cũng đã trở thành chị cả –

Chị hạnh phúc lắm… và có chút ngượng nghịu… nhưng chị rất hãnh diện…


Trường đời lấp đầy bằng những nỗi đau

Nơi chúng ta rong ruổi để tìm kiếm ‘Vẻ đẹp’

Gương mặt yên ngủ của em khi em cất bước hướng đến chân trời vô tận ấy…

Trong thâm tâm chị đẹp hơn bất cứ thứ gì trên đời…


Giai điệu mà em yêu quý nồng nàn ấy… tiếng nhạc Harmonica vang vọng khắp khung trời

Bức tranh sơn dầu trên bệ cửa sổ được ôm lấy trong vòng tay thiên thần… này… bức tranh phong cảnh ấy… xinh đẹp lắm phải không?


“Chị thấy rồi… ngọn lửa [ánh sáng] đẹp tuyệt vời nhất trên thế gian này. Chị sẽ giữ mãi đóa hoa ấy trong lòng, và tiếp tục hát cho Laurant nghe nhé”


“Liệu có câu chuyện [Roman] nào được tìm thấy ở đây không nhỉ?”




So, that’s it. It’s sadder than I thought, but I’m  proud that I may give the emotion into this and it becomes better a lot than I thought. I’m very satisfied XD

Some Nurarihyon no Mago Fanart for this post…

Have no new post again. I was so have-no-word-to say-than lazy *yawn* and indeed I didn’t have mood to write anything these days. The summer is hot and I don’t like going out or working, my head is dizzy and I feel tired. That’s why I just want to sleep, find some old manga in the library and stay there for 1 or 2 hours, stick with my desktop to play Elsword and drawing. Nothing more than those. Yeah, I didn’t have mood to compose, but instead, I found some inspiration to draw and I was in passion with it.

Then, may I continue with the latest post? Ah yeah, that’s about the artwork of Kubinashi of Nurarihyon no Mago. From the last time I posted it here, I’ve finished it. I try to use again the style of Chinese/Japanese brush with SAI, and here is the result.

I had to say that (and I hate to say this) this brush was cruelly hard to use like hell Q_Q. The hardest part of this might be the color picking. As following the Chinese brush style, the colors must be darker and less contrast than normal CG, so I picked the original colors from the anime cutscenes, then adjusted the brightness, and using dark color for shading (sometimes the colors is nearly black). However, this kind of CG was quite interesting. When shading, I didn’t need to focus so much on the angle, and it’s more like a test of hand pressure, which means I used pressure quite random, and actually it is one of the requirement for this style to make the picture more natural. But one seems to be easy is also difficult at the same time. Like I said above, the nature of the picture depends on the pressure, so I did a thing that I haven’t noticed or really tried before (I tried to catch the feeling of the pen and watch the line move/flow as I wish). Moreover, the shading must be logical so the picture wouldn’t get so dark or become a bunch of black^^;; That’s why I was quite careful in shading, but somehow because of this, the artwork turned out to be something I didn’t hope. I didn’t know. I just thought that for the real 1st time I tried this interesting style, this could be seen as an acceptable result, not so good but not so bad either. I was proud of it. But the fact in me was I was fail. The CG was ok (I thought that), but the line needed more pressure to make the picture look more like making by traditional Chinese brush. Maybe I set myself quite a high standard (after all I’m just an amateur). However, that’s what I want. At least give myself a goal, even in hobby.

Btw, I’m surprised that quite many people like this picture. Their comments are enough to make me happy and try harder in the future.

And because of this, and because I like Nurarihyon no Mago so much, after this pic of Kubinashi, I made a quick sketch for Yuki-Onna Tsurara. At first, I want to make a CG, but I was so tired and rushed for another work, so I ended up making a doodle-like picture. Also, I’m not so really good at drawing girls like I do with boys (that’s why most of my artworks are drawing boys/guys^^;), so I thought a sketch is ok. And I added some cool color in it, cuz Tsurara is a Snow Girl/Demon.

I was happy when drawing her, cuz she’s my most favorite heroine in the series. Her hair may be the part I like most, but her eyes are… well, hard to catch the soul, so I had to shading them right away after I draw them Lol.

I also make a line art picture (actually line art is for WIP^^;) for Nura Rikuo and Tsurara. First, I want to draw more yokai, but I was lazy and I didn’t have enough confident in drawing many characters so I considered it, maybe I will when I continue with this pic someday (I doubt that Lol)

Hoh, wrong Tsurara face. It just… because I don’t really good at right view (I’m a right-handed) so no matter how I make the proportion, it just looks weird (Oh my!=_=). I need to practice more.



K, enough for this post. I will draw more fanart someday. Now I’m listening to Nurarihyon no Mago music (I like all the Opening, especially the ss2 1st OP Hoshi no Arika and Character CD^^=>got some of them)

Sound Horizon 4th story Elysion – El no Rakuen [→ Side: E →] – Vietnamese translated

Another translation to pass time and to practice, and I still base on Defade translation version. I like Sound Horizon songs so much that I couldn’t resist to translate them into my own language Vietnamese, and I found out that it’s a fun thing to do in these summer break days. Well, this translation work makes me less remember my old house, my country, my old relatives and friends… all I had in my childhood and in my past, and it also gives me a new look when seeing life, which I always want to do and be curious. Hmm, yes I agree that the meanings of SH’s songs are quite obscure and cruel, but I found that they have their own logic, which is something that people rarely to think about or don’t want to think… Kay, stop chit chat here. This time I want to translate the 1st song of 4th Story Elysion album, which is the one that I think most interesting. Well, I really like Aramary voice, but unfortunately that she left SH now.


This is the original song if you want to hear:



Thiên Đường Của El [-> Side: E ->]

(El no Rakuen [-> Side: E ->]  – El’s Paradise [-> Side: E ->])

 (エルの楽園  [side:E →])

Tôi… có lẽ chưa từng yêu cô ấy một lần trong đời…

Mặc dù vậy, sự tồn tại của em đã mang đến cho tôi môt ý nghĩa đặc biệt.

Tại sao ư? Vì tên của đứa trẻ sơ sinh ấy đã được quyết định từ rất lâu rồi…


– Và, cánh cửa dẫn đến thiên đường không biết đã bao nhiêu lần ấy lại mở ra lần nữa…




Một vệt dài vẽ trên nền đất trắng thấm đẫm những giọt nhỏ màu đỏ thắm mang dấu hiệu của tội lỗi.

Nắm chặt trong tay đồng tiền cũ sét hoen rỉ, người đàn ông mỉm cười thậm chí khi chỉ còn có thể lết đi


Môt nụ cười đáng yêu xuất hiện cuộn xoáy trong tâm trí hắn ta đang ở ngay đây

Cứ như cánh tay này đang vươn tới kết thúc của ảo tưởng, hắn đặt tay mình lên cửa


– Và… sự thật của hắn bỗng chốc héo tàn…


Hãy hướng tới Thiên Đường [Elysion]…


Mỗi lần cô bé ấy khúc khắc ho, cơn đau trong lồng ngực lại ngăn cách cô với mùa xuân

Thậm chí dù chỉ nằm yên trong tấm chăn sờn cũ, cô bé vẫn cứ mơ, không thể quên những ngày tháng ấm áp khi cô biết đến tình yêu.


Như đang thiếp đi, cô bé chìm vào tận sâu lòng nước của thế giới đáng yêu ấy

Cứ như kết thúc của ảo tưởng đang vẫy gọi, cánh cửa ấy mở ra.


– Và… thực tế của cô bé bắt đầu rạn vỡ..


Đi tới Thiên Đường [Elysion] nào…


Này… cha ơi… Loài hoa nào nở trên Thiên Đường thế?

Này… cha ơi… Loài chim nào cất tiếng hót nơi Thiên Đường?

Này… cha ơi… Có phải chúng ta sẽ hết đau khi ở Thiên Đường không?

Này… cha ơi… Chúng ta có thể ở mãi bên nhau tại Thiên Đường ấy chứ?

Này… cha ơi…


Cơn gió đêm đập vào khung cửa sổ. Tiếng thở run run. Căn phòng được thắp sáng lờ mờ. Một cuộc nói chuyện thân tình.

Ánh trăng trống rỗng. Hơi thở trắng buốt. Một căn phòng bẩn thỉu. Môt cô bé với đôi chân mảnh khảnh.


Câu hỏi không ngừng vang lên, lần nữa, và lại lần nữa. Không bao giờ ngừng tò mò về Thiên Đường [paradise].

Ah… cô bé không thể nhìn thấy được nữa – cái xác đang nằm bên cô…


Này… cha ơi…

Gì thế El?

Cha có biết ngày mai là ngày gì ko?

Àh là sinh nhật của cô bé dễ thương nhất trên thế giới này

Con muốn quà sinh nhật là một cuốn sách tranh…


… Ảo mộng của người đàn ông trở thành sự thật tàn khốc… Sự thật của cô bé trở thành một giấc mơ hão huyền

… Thiêng đường của người đàn ông trở thành địa ngục vĩnh viễn… Địa ngục của cô bé trở thành một thiên đường trong nhất thời


… Cha ơi… Cảm xúc nào là tươi đẹp nhất ở Thiên Đường thế?

Này… cha ơi… Tình yêu nào được hát vang lên nơi Thiên Đường?

… Cha ơi… Trái tim chúng ta có ngừng đau đớn khi ở Thiên Đường không?

Này… Cha ơi… Chúng ta có thể cùng ở bên nhau mãi mãi trên Thiên Đường được chứ?


Này… cha ơi… Loài hoa nào nở trên Thiên Đường thế?

Này… cha ơi… Loài chim nào cất tiếng hót nơi Thiên Đường?

Này… cha ơi… Có phải chúng ta sẽ hết đau khi ở Thiên Đường không?

Này… cha ơi… Chúng ta có thể ở mãi bên nhau tại Thiên Đường ấy chứ?

Này… cha ơi…




Ok. That’s enough for today.

Sound Horizon 5th story Roman -Miezaru Ude- Vietnamese translated

I’m bored. There are so many things happening these days and my thoughts now are like a mess. I have to figure out some ways to deal with my problem. It may take a while for me to find my inspiration again, so at this time I want to find something to do for relaxing and cooling down.

How’s about translating something to pass time? I guess it’s a good way. It’s one of my hobbies too. Sounds weird huh? At least because I think I can find something that I’m interested in, and so, I can temporarily forget my trouble. Moreover, it may good for practicing language.

Let’s see. These day I’m quite obsessed by this song. I think every Sound Horizon fan knows about this. Yeah, its name is Miezaru Ude (known as The Invisible Arm or The Unseen Arm), one of the songs from Roman album, the 5th Story (Horizon). I like this song and its meaning much as well as the melody and voice, though sometimes I wonder if I understood it completely. Maybe my perspective is different from the others, but I think it’s ok, as long as Sound Horizon‘s purpose is to find ‘your-own-feelings’ when you heard the songs (well, it depends on yourself). And I won’t translate it into English (somebody did it very well), but in Vietnamese. I know there are some people in my former country did it before, but I still want to do it. First, it’s because Vietnamese is my mother tongue, and I’m ‘quite’ really good at it Lol (I used to be a remarkable student in literature classes when I was in Vietnam XD). Second, I want to practice the translating, which I can use my own style of Vietnamese writing and I want it’s my own translation. Third, I just want to practice English, and that’s all.


Here’s the song Miezaru Ude:

If you like to read the translation in this Youtube clip, go ahead. Personally I will use the English translation of Defade on SH fansite White Crow (just google and you will find it).


Ok. Here we go!


Cánh Tay Vô Hình 

(Miezaru Ude – The Invinsible Arm) 



Vào những đêm dài theo thức, hắn trút cơn giận của mình lên con mèo cái bẩn thỉu [chatte] nơi con hẻm tối…

Ah… bóp nghẹt lấy cánh tay vô hình ấy…

Ảo mộng hão huyền [Fantome de vere]. Đau đớn thay lòng kiêu hãnh bị nghiền nát…


Một phút giây tỉnh táo trong cơn say, hắn quằn quại trong lâu đài [chateau] nơi gác mái…

Ah… Cơn đau thấu buốt từ cánh tay vô hình…

Nỗi đau ảo tưởng [fantome donleur]. Ngập chìm trong hơi men thứ rượu rẻ tiền, hắn thiếp đi…


“Theo chân tướng quân Alvarez—————-!!”


Khu rừng già cỗi của ác thú, nhuốm màu trong ánh hoàng hôn… hai người đàn ông chạm mặt nhau trên chiến trường…

Kỵ sĩ tóc vàng [Laurant], kỵ sĩ tóc đỏ [Laurant]…

Mâu thuẫn cứ thế chồng chất… thây người chất chồng như núi…

Ai là kẻ gây chiến?… Ai là kẻ phải gánh chịu hậu quả?

Trong bóng tối của ánh tà dương, thanh kiếm rực sáng thẫm sắc đỏ –


Cuộc đời hắn [sa vie], tước đi cùng cánh tay ấy…

Hắn thất nghiệp, và người tình cũng bỏ đi…

Điều tồi tệ nhất trên đời, còn gì hơn khi mọi thứ mất đi và bị tước mất…

Sống trong nỗi hãi hùng vật vã của những cơn đau bất chợt…


“Thường khi [le plus souvent]… chàng đánh em khi bị kích động bởi những cơn ác mộng…

Và nếu cứ như thế… một ngày nào đó em sẽ chết mất thôi.

Tạm biệt [au revoir]… Em yêu chàng hơn bất kỳ ai…

Nhưng… em không nghĩ rằng chàng sẽ trở thành một người cha [pere] tốt cho đứa trẻ trong bụng em…”


Rượu vang [du vine]… champange [du champange]… brandy [de l’eau-de-vie]


Ah… xé toạc sự bình yên của cánh rừng say ngủ… hắn lại xuất hiện…

Môt bóng hình trên yên ngựa… một cơn ác mộng thực sự… tóc xoã bay, hắn vung lên chiếc lưỡi hái của tử thần…

Bóng hình kẻ săn đầu người… chiếc cối xay quay vòng… những đoá hoa rực màu bung nở… một trí lực sắc bén hùng cường…

Nhẹ nhàng khoác trên mình tấm áo của bóng tối-


Thực tại này đang thức tỉnh, hay hắn vẫn đang mê sảng trong những giấc mơ?

Là nguyên căn, chính nó… mà cuộc đời hắn về sau mắc kẹt trong cạm bẫy của sự khổ đau… ngập chìm trong rượu và sự điên dại…

Vết sẹo chữ thập nơi má trái, rực cháy mái tóc đỏ lửacặp mắt nâu

Giết hắn… cánh tay buốt lên, {Cánh tay vô hình} thấu buốt…


Ai là kẻ gây chiến?… Ai là nạn nhân?… lùng kiếm dấu vết tử thần và thiêu sống hắn…


“Ta sẽ giết ngươi!”  


Kỵ sĩ [chevalier] lên yên ngựa lần nữa… Thời khắc thay đổi thế giới diễn ra trong im lặng…

Hai người đàn ông [Laurant] đối mặt lần nữa nơi quán rượu phương xa…


Một mắt và một tay… say sưa bí tỉ và chết chóc…

Ah… nào còn một chút, sót lại đây dấu vết oai hùng xưa kia của hắn…


Một chàng trai từ đâu chợt xông vào, trong tay là thanh kiếm đen [epee noir]

(“Tránh đường cho ta.” “Woah!”)

Thứ chất lỏng [sang] toé ra mang màu hắc tưởu [pinot noir]

(“Thằng khốn… Ngươi… ngươi là ai… Aahh!”)

Đoá hoa dâng tặng từ nhát đâm ấy xưng danh – “Chào buổi tối” [bon soir]

(“Bon Soir.”)

Rút kiếm ra, và cái tên của bài ca mang đến sự sống này là – “Vĩnh biệt” [au revoir]

(“Au Revoir.”)


Tên của kẻ vừa đổ gục là Laurant… Tên người bỏ trốn là Laurencin…

Laurant còn lại… Đứng lặng chết trân, bàng hoàng…


Ai là kẻ gây chiến?… Ai là kẻ chịu đựng? Nạn nhân cứ thế không ngừng tăng lên

Xoay vòng… mãi xoay vòng… chiến cối xay của thù hận… Nhảy múa… mãi nhảy múa… như ngọn lửa bập bùng

Ah… trong bóng tối của cây cột nhà… bóng hình một cậu bé… đứng nhìn… với cặp mắt nâu


“Không thứ gì mãi đúng trên thế gian này cả, nhưng chính nỗi đau này đã minh chứng rằng ta đã sống” 


Hạ màn vở kịch của sự thù hận… và người đàn ông ấy bắt đầu nghĩ-

Về cánh tay còn lại… về cuộc đời còn lại… ý nghĩa vô hình của nó-

Một cốc rượu rót đầy tận miệng… vị nồng của nó vẫn còn đọng lại trong tim…


“Liệu có câu chuyện [Roman] nào có thể được tìm thấy ở đây chăng?”


Phew, that’s it. It’s quite hard to translate (oh, not because I don’t understand but I must find Vietnamese words that fit best to it^^). Enjoy!

ZX Gigamix _ Track 6 translation

Another translation for Rockman ZX Soundsketch ZX Gigamix , also made by my friend Venom00 (on DeviantArt). This time he translated Track 6: ZX Portrait_ Death and Witch, which is one of my favorite track in the CD. The track focuses on Prometheus and Pandora at the time after the final Serpent incident in ZX game. I like this track not only because of the voice but also because of these duo (yeah, they are cool like hell^^)

The other tracks may be translated, or may be not. I don’t know because the Soundsketch-es are full of noise, which makes the voices harder to hear, so my friend is not sure about  doing on these. But, I hope to see the translation of them someday.


The drama track from original ZX Gigamix:


The translation:

Citizen A: “Arrrgggh help me!!!”
Citizen B: “Run! It’s the Irregular!”
Pandora: “Wait for me, onii-chan!”
Prometheus: “Hurry up! The Irregular is coming! …Let’s hide in here!”
Pandora: “Onii-chan…I’m scared…!”
Prometheus: “Quiet! It’s gone… Let’s get out of here…! Ah…!”
Pandora: “Ah wait! …Huaaa!”
Prometheus: “Arg what are you doing?! Let’s go!”
Pandora: “Yes…!”
Prometheus: “Shit… We’re surrounded! Shit… Shit!!!”

Computer: “Restored cluster of memory found. Establishment of predetermined link verified.
Target cluster of resistance produced. Temporary mind stabilization of subject executed.
Maintenance completed. Opening capsule.”
Prometheus: “A dream, huh…”
Pandora: “Good morning, Prometheus.”
Prometheus: “Pandora… You woke up earlier huh. Shit… This healing capsule is
uncomfortable as hell. Couldn’t that Albert at least notice that?
Pandora: “You had that dream?”
Prometheus: “Yeah. Kinda… How long have we been asleep for? And the situation?”
Pandora: “A lot has happened after Serpent was defeated by Model ZX. Legion is making
its move after the disaster of Serpent Company.”
Prometheus: “Albert is covering things up faster than we thought. Those Trinity geezers
are unexpectedly good.”
Pandora: “The next mission briefing from albert has yet to come. What should we do?”
Prometheus: “That bastard is not making a move huh. Even after testing Model V on
Serpent, or making enemy of Model ZX… He must have noticed by now. That’s
not all the Ultimate RockMan should have. That bastard is still continuing
with this game.
Pandora: “The Game of Destiny…to find the Ultimate RockMan. The battle of the RockMen…”
Prometheus: “Right… If that’s the case, what we have to do is already decided. Let’s start
looking for the remaining Model Vs. Pandora, gather all the information on the rest
of Model Vs and put them on the monitor.”
Pandora: “Understood.”

Soldier A: “Take cover! Reinforcement is coming! …Shit. We got the readings of some kind of
energy but…what’s with this type of Irregular? What the hell are those mercenary
we hired doing?! Can’t you do something as their leader?!”
Soldier B: “Not good. They’re not responding. With this many Irregulars, I think the mercenery
are done for already. We should just give up and run!”
Soldier A: “Don’t fuck with me! This work… This investigation… Are you saying we should
just run when we’re this close?! Arrggghh!!!”
Soldier B: “Hey…get a grip!”
Soldier A: “Sh…it… Is it it…?!”
Prometheus: “Too many…you Irregular punks. Clear a path to Model V already!”
Soldier B: “He defeated the Irregular…with just one hit… What power.”
Soldier A: “I-I-I don’t know who you are but please help us! I’ll give you money or whatever
you want! At this rate we don’t stand a chance against those Irregulars!”
Prometheus: “Hm… You trash.”
Soldier A: “Why…?”
Prometheus: “You’re just another enemy. Model V attracts Irregulars. The Irregulars draw
out the new RockMan. You trash who can’t stand against these Irregulars have no place
in this game!”
Soldier B: “Reaper… Grim Reaper…! It’s the Grim Reaper!!! ARGGHHH!!!”
Prometheus: “Engage them already, Pandora.”
Pandora: “Take this.”
Prometheus: “Now…make way so I can get to Model V! You Irregular pieces of shit! Hahahahah!
Now come! Let’s meet again in this game!”
Pandora: “When that time comes, destruction will also come. Everything… Everything, will be destroyed.”
Prometheus: “Just you wait, Albert…and you RockMen! Isn’t this fun…? No corpses… Just a game of dolls!!!”



And the illustration for this, like the one in Girls Bravo:


ZX Gigamix _ Track 13 translation

This is the translation for Track 13 of Rockman ZX Soundsketch ZX Gigamix named ZX Portrait: Girls Bravo.

My partner did this, not me (I don’t know Japanese^^), and I appreciate his work because I haven’t seen any translation for this on the Internet. I wonder, why don’t people translate it? Maybe because it’s too long and has a lot of voices and noises in the scene when Aile, Prairie and Fleuve was on the main street, which made the track quite complicated. Despite it, this is really a good drama track for the series Rockman/Mega Man ZX because of the attractive voices and the moods setting in it, and it also extends the storyline of ZX franchise, explaining more about what happened in the transition of ZX and ZX Advent. I really like this track and have been looking for the translation of it but there’s nothing on the net, until I got this from my friend. And he also promise to translate the other ones, which made me excited. I hope he will not forget it (well, he’s absentminded sometimes I guess^^).


The drama track from original ZX Gigamix:


And here is the translation (woa, it’s long. Well, because the track is more than 9 minutes…O.o) :

Prometheus: “Persistent, aren’t you? However…don’t underestimate Model V.”
Pandora: “You can’t interfere.”
Aile: “That’s my line… Go!”
Pandora: “Model V is…destroyed…!”
Prometheus: “Tsk she’s really done it… Let’s go, Pandora. A scrapped Model V is of no use anymore. Until then…Rockman Model ZX.”
Pandora: “Farewell.”
Aile: “Ah… Geez what’s wrong with them…!”

Prairie: “With this…Aile has successfully destroyed the tenth of Model V. We understand that Prometheus’s goal is to assemble all the Model Vs but…it’s unlikely that we have defeated them. Apart from this, although there have been so many battles already…they’re clearly keep Aile alive on purpose. But why…?”
Fleuve: “Um…Prairie-san. You’ve been researching for ten hourse straight already. Please rest a little bit…”
Prairie: “I’m sorry, Fleuve. I still can’t gather all the pieces together. I should keep going for a bit longer.”
Fleuve: “Y-yes…”
Prairie: “For what purpose is Prometheus trying to collect the Model Vs? How many Model Vs are there really? …Not good. I finally have more old data but…why?”
Fleuve: “Hmm…this is a problem.”
Aile: “Fleuve!”
Fleuve: “Ah Aile-san.”
Aile: “Is Prairie…still doing research?”
Fleuve: “I think Prairie-san has been uneasy ever since we got more information
about Model V after the Serpent incident.”
Aile: “But then…wouldn’t she collapse at this rate?”
Fleuve: “That’s right. What to do…”
Fleuve&Aile: “Hmmm…”
Aile: “That’s it!”
Fleuve: “Aile-san!”
Aile: “Hey Prairie, let’s go out and play for a bit!”
Prairie: “Aile… I’m sorry. Right now I’m composing a mission plan from your report.
We can’t get our hopes up just yet after Model V’s awakening in that incident
with Serpent. The promised spring thunder… Something big is going to happen…
I’m getting this uneasy feeling. I’m just not in the mood to be worried or glad at all.”
Aile: “That’s why! …Because you’re precisely not in the mood that you don’t need to
feel not in the mood right now! Now just go! You get it, right?”
Prairie: “Ah wai- don’t pull me so hard! …But where are we going?”
Aile: “Just right when I want to see all the stuff on the main street… Let’s go and see
them now! It’ll be fun. I’ll choose something nice for you to wear!”
Prairie: “E-eh…?”

Clerk: “What do you think about this one?”
Aile: “See? You really look good in that dress! …Yep, you’re cute!”
Prairie: “C-cute?”
Fleuve: “Oh man you’re pretty, Prairie-san!”
Prairie: “Am I…?”
Aile: “It’s decided then! Um Miss clerk? I want this one!”
Clerk: “I’m sorry. This item is currently out of stock. New ones of this size
is only available next year.”
Aile: “Eh?! For a whole year?!”
Clerk: “My deepest apology. We’ve been through a lot after the Serpent Company
incident. Surely you’ve heard of that?”
Prairie: “I see… I’m sorry. We’ll come back at another time. Let’s go, Fleuve.”
Fleuve: “Prairie-san…”
Aile: “No way…”

Clerk: “Thank you very much.”
Aile: “Hey Prairie…”
Prairie: “I’m sorry Aile. I’ve seen how much the people suffered earlier. It’s just
not the right time after all… Right now the researching department is downloading
the data from Model H (Hunter in background: “Ashe! Hurry it up, will ya?) and other
LiveMetals. We don’t know much about the situation revolving around Model V
(Aile: “”What should we do Fleuve? Isn’t this bad?!”) without his data.
(Fleuve: “I know but…!”) And…we (Waitress: “Welcome back, Master!”) still don’t
know Prometheus’s goals. That’s right… Prometheus used to attack the Guardian Base…”
Ashe: “Bosh!”
Citizen A: “Hey. Aren’t those two look strange?”
Citizen B: “That old man somehow is really weird… (Fleuve: “Aile-san, please calm down!”)
Is he her lover?”
Citizen B: “Are you a moron? The hell is that? (Fleuve: “Right Prairie-san?”)”
Aile: “Prairie?”
Prairie: “Indeed I don’t know about the replacement. Day after day I just think about the
world’s peace in vain. I can’t dress fashionably… Indeed I can’t do that. But I… But I…!”
Citizen A: “What’s wrong with you? Do you have some business with us?”
Aile: “Oopsie sorry! It’s nothing! Sorry for getting in the way!”
Fleuve: “Now let’s go, Prairie-san!”
Citizen A: “What was that all about? But…that girl is really cute! (Ashe: “That’s why I said
it’s troublesome! Hey are you even listening?!”)”
Citizen B: “Really peaceful, no?”

Waitress: “Welcome! May I ask how many of you are there?”
Fleuve: “Um three people.”
Aile: “Prairie…(Waitress: “Please come this way!”) Um…”
Prairie: “I’m sorry. I should have been more careful but…”
Aile: “…You messed up again?”
Prairie: “Eh?”
Aile: “Earlier you just made a mistake for nothing. When they’re at their limit, it’s fine for
girls to laugh more, you know.”
Prairie: “But…I’m trying my best so that everyone can have peace…”
Aile: “But even if there is peace in the world, it would be meaningless if you can’t be happy.
That’s why you…everyone of the Guardians should live each moments to the fullest.”
Prairie: “Aile…”
Aile: “Seeing you messed up out of nothing earlier…it just felt painful. At this rate, you’ll
forget how to laugh.”
Prairie: “…”
Aile: “That’s why… Laugh, okay? You’re really cute when you smile. That guy earlier said so too!”
Prairie: “Is…that so…?”
Aile: “Was it just my imagination then?”
Prairie: “Geez, Aile…”
Aile: “Yep, that! A smile!”
Fleuve: “Sorry for making you two wait!”
Aile: “Thanks, Fleuve.”
Prairie: “Hm? Aile did you cut yourself?”
Aile: “Ah this? It’s nothing much. Apply a little cream and it’ll be fine… That’s right did you
hear? Recently there’s this type of cream that would clean the wound and get it healed
immediately. Incredible, right?”

Prairie: “Aile let’s go. Let’s go get that cream.”
Aile: “Eh? Ah sorry. I was just thinking about that…”
Prairie: “Erring is not good. Girls should be selfish once in a while, right?”
Aile: “Ehe I’m glad… Thanks. Then should I get you something too? Recently you’ve been getting
cuter and cuter.”
Prairie: “Really? But I’m not all that fashionable…”
Aile: “It’s alright. I’m not that cool either. Ehe… Let’s go.”
Fleuve: “Ah? Um (Prairie: “Hey Aile, how much do you know about that cream?”) how about the bill?!
Wait you two please wait (Aile: “Hm I’m not sure… Let’s go get it together then!”)!”
Waitress: “Sir? Shall I charge you now?”
Fleuve: “Ah that’s… Umm… Prairie-san!”

Prairie: “I’m sure the day we have to fight will come again. Even until now, I still don’t know if
the battles have started or not. But… Just for today…I can act like a normal girl…right?
…Thank you, Fleuve. Thank you, Aile.”



And I also had the illustration for this track from the Gigamix booklet:

Wow, what I can say is: “Kawaii desu”. Really love the drawing of Hitoshi Ariga (he’s the author of Mega Man Megamix and Gigamix manga, and also the illustrator who made the cover of Mega Man Tribute official hardcover^^)

Something before the final exam. Meme half progress.

Oh well, long time have no post. I haven’t forgotten or abandoned this blog, really, I don’t intended to do that. Just because I have a bad cold these days and it makes me very tired. Plus, my final exam is near, so I want to save time to focus on it. Actually I know that this examination is nothing to me because these class I’m learning are very easy, but I still want to be hard-working to improve my English (though the fact is that I’m not so really hard^^;). I decided to skip classes in the next semester, so I asked my teacher for giving me the permission to take the placement test again cuz I wanted to learn in the class that  fit to my level. And the result of the test was really good. I skipped 4 classes and jumped to the highest class that the test allowed me to pass. I was happy but I was also worry because the level of the class I got is quite high comparing to my level now I think. However, I asked everyone and they encouraged me that I should do what I had from the test and so it gave me more confidence. And because of the grade of the test, my teacher was so kind to offer me a job as a college tutor. I was so glad because I’m crazy to find a part-time job that is suitable for me (well, my health doesn’t allow me to do everything) and now I will have a job I want. I hope that everything will go well because this job is useful to me. I can learn more and have more chance to practice, as well as getting more experience. Well, but that’s the future story. Now I must take care of the final exam first. I don’t want bad grades, so I guess I must push myself more in these days when my head is always in somewhere Lol.

But everything can’t make me stop doing what I like. Well, I use my little free time to draw besides playing Elsword and watching Shining Hearts, though in these days my drawing speed is too bad. However, I manage to get some ideas, but I doubt if I can do them Lol. Well, they’re mostly for my FC Cross/Kurosu. But, leave him behind for the next time. Now I’m happy that I can go the half-way of this (it took me several months I think cuz I don’t have time)


I borrowed this meme from the Deviantart and was interested in it. And luckily, my FCs for HE is more than enough for this. However, I want to test a new style so it took me some time. I decided not to use MMZX style but my own style instead. Will continue to work until it finish. So, please see it as a preview (well, 100% is better than 50% zooming, but…^^)

Shining Hearts ~ Shiawase no Pan ~

Finally this franchise was adapted and got its own anime, and now it’s on air. I’m really excited. The name of it is Shining Hearts ~ Shiawase no Pan ~ (Shining Hearts ~ The bread of happiness ~) which based on the PSP game made by SEGA and designed by Tony Taka.

Here is the plot:

Rick lives on the island of Windaria, inhabited by various races such as elves and beast-people. Amnesiac, he is rescued by three young ladies and taken to work in their bakery. But when a red moon rises and a deathly wind blows, they’ll all be engulfed in strange events.

 (Three moe sisters of “Le Coeurs” in the artwork of orginal Shining Hearts)

This anime is my interest now cuz the fact that the original character designs and illustrations (from the game) was made by Tony Taka, one of the artists whose works I admire and like much. And I haven’t been disappointed about the art of the anime. The scenes was drawn with highly detailed line and smooth, brilliant effects. For me it’s better a lot than the previous anime adaption “Shining Tears x Wind” (based on PS2 games Shining Tears and Shining Wind).

Well, actually the art of “Shining Tears x Wind” is not so bad, and it’s great to see Tony’s works in anime form. However, the plot of it is really a problem. Though it’s based on two games with good storylines, it didn’t follow the route. Instead of it, the story was shortened very much, which made the characters’ roles unclear. I know it’s hard to expect much from an anime adapted from a game, but I still hope Shining Hearts won’t let me down. And now everything seems to be good. But let’s wait to see more before we can judge.

Oh, and talking about this, the plot, I used to have some doubt when I first watched the 1st episode. Um, well, it all talked about baking… It just hinted a little about Rick’s past, which was not unclear. And we see Elwyn (from Shining Tears and Shining Wind), but this time, she took a name Rana. I was doubtful about it, because if my memory is good, there’s no appearance of Elwyn in Shining Hearts. So what can this plot be? Maybe it took place before Shining Tears x Wind I assume, based on Elwyn outfit. But also because of this, I’m worry if the plot is good. However, though the entire ep.1 talked about baking and a normal life, I found it’s really cute. Not boring, but not so exciting, it’s peaceful with an acceptable level.

And at the end of the ep.2, the most important character Kaguya finally showed up. I was excited since it means the plot got its main point now. And in ep.3, the climax was begun. I really like the parts they inserted the songs from the original game, which are WHITE and SHADOW ~Mugen no Rinbu~  and the game OP theme Kokoro ni Todoku Uta.

About the OP and ED of the anime, they are good enough in my opinion. The OP Jisei-kai ~Toki Sekai~ is soft, deep and peaceful, while the ED Fuwaffuwa no Mahou is cheerful. The BGM is not boring really, and it fits the scence. Let’s hope more in the OST and the BGM.

 (“Shining Hearts Intro Theme: Toki Sekai / Outro Theme: Fuwaffuwa no Mahou” Cover)

And these are some screenshots from the first three episodes aring until now:

I can’t resist when seeing these beautiful scene. Hope to see more characters in the next episodes.

Generally, I hope so much in this anime. The joyful, carefree atmosphere for a fantasy story made me believe that this anime will turn out to be good. Let’s see more about the adventure of Rick and the cute girls at “Le Coeur” bakery.

Boring Day. Random Testing

Should I change the atmosphere? Yeah, just a small test. I am bored and so busy so I can’t draw anything seriously now. That’s why I use my little free time to play with my tablet and draw some doodles, but at last, they are always so interesting (oh, just my feeling^^) so I use them to practice and test my new style of drawing Lol. However, I’m just an amateur, so I guess I have to learn a lot

And here’s what I draw today. I intend to draw my dear FC Noir of project Holy Era but I couldn’t do itQ_Q. And I want to make a full design for this but let see if I have enough time, inspiration and patience to finish it (24h is not enough for a day:((). Just so random, and quick thinking. I don’t know why I use this style (I haven’t used it before) and draw this character. Well, seems I got a new real OC. Maybe I should put him in a story later. Well, I haven’t name him yet (it may take time to get a cool name for him Lol)

The original (Is he cool? I wonder…)

The edit (well, they are my test versions^^)

Just want to make the shading darker^^

Like the second cuz it reminds me of ballpoint pen Lol