[Elsword] Raven Design - costume contest - by ClairSH

My costume design for NA server contest this year :la:

The rule is one design per character per person, so I choose Raven. He’s my main character in game xD

If you guys like this design, please vote for me on this link:


Category: Raven
IGN: KageAngelo

About this:
The set this time was based on elegant, nobility, coolness, innovation and chess. The general theme is from a noble of Velder, showing wealth and power. However, I want to mix the classical with modern style, so the design is off the tradition classic on purpose and has more stylish details.

The chess-based theme was shown on various part of the costume, like the mark of chess pieces on his clothes. The weapon is based on that idea too with the shape is the form of the Rider’s/Knight’s spear, the mark of the King’s Crown, the heads of Bishop and Rook, the graceful details on the hilt of the blade (abstract idea for Queen), a piece a chess plate. The details were mostly used dark and white color, as implying for the chess theme. Also, golden was used for nobility and royal.

Since Raven came from Velder, I added the Velder Crest on the weapon, hinting his backstory and setting.

Again, follow the link for voting. I appreciate every vote of you.

Thank you very much :love::love::love:

[PSP] Shining Blade preview

It seems I’m late posting this^^. Well, the game was released with JP version for PSP on March 15, 2012. Yes, the newest franchise of SEGA Shining series, Shining Blade (シャイニング・ブレイド Shainingu Bureido), is now on sale. It’s fortunate that SEGA haven’t forgotten about this series. Hoping it will be a new interest for Shining‘s fans.

And here is the plot of the game:

“Within the Dragonia Empire, a plan to revive the leader of the Dark Dragon by sapping spirit energy from the land starts to unfold. With giant dragons rampaging throughout the land and the world engulfed in chaos, all hope has turn to the retrieval of the mysterious “Shining Blade”. And thus, a soul blader is given the task to obtain the legendary blade and find Loreley, the songtress who sings the “Song of Mana””

(From Wikipedia)

Sounds exciting, isn’t it?^^ Yeah, for me this plot is good. And more interesting, there are characters from the three other previous Shining games drawn by Tony Taka appear in this, such as Elwing, Blanc Neige, Ryuna… from Shining Tears, Kureha Touka, Xecty Ein, Kanon Seena from Shining Wind, Rick, Neris, Amil, Airy from Shining Hearts. It seems the franchise this time took place a long time after the events of Shining Wind. Well, and the way SEGA combines characters from the previous game remind me the way CyberConnect did with .Hack//Link. Though, never mind, it’s just my association.^^

As well as the three previous Shining games (Shining Tears, Shining Wind, Shining Hearts), the artworks and character designs of Shining Blade were done by the talented ecchi artist Tony Taka, and they’re outstanding and attractive as always. Well, we’ve got a  cool Rage (Reiji? Whatever. Um, I’m not sure why I have this thought, but when saw him, I suddenly think of Ichigo Kurosaki^^;. Maybe because their orange hair and arrogant look???), a cold-looking but hot Yukihime who can transform as Rage’s sword_katana, the reappearance of Sakuya with a lot of moe modes, and many characters (mostly female) of Shining’s world.

(Oh my, they are moe^^) 

The gameplay this time is more action-oriented than Shining Hearts, but still follow the traditional RPG. The battle system is called Concerto, which allow player uses “strategy active real time”, emphasizing on the characters cooperation. And like the other Shining, depend on player’s selection and usage that causes the change of relationships later in the game.

Gameplay trailer:

Well, because I don’t have a PSP and I can’t read Japanese, I can’t play this game. However, it gets me interested when I read about it. The preview BGMs on the official website are sweet. And I really like the animated opening with the scenes made like an anime, with a great song named “Lorelei no Shi” (Lorelei’s Poem) performed by Lia (I’m searching for the full ver., but it seems they haven’t got it)

Official JP website:


Opening animation:

First post

Um, so… Ok, this is my first post^^. Nice to meet you all who visit this blog (oh, don’t mind the picture, just something irrelevant^^).

Well,  dunno what I should write for today. Maybe this is for a blog test Lol

Btw, I have some moods today. Now I’m writing this post while hearing Sound Horizon’s 4th album Elysion. I’m a new SH fan, but love all the songs so much^^. Their stories amaze me. Well, the song’s name is El no Ehon [Fuefuki Otoko to Parade] (El’s Picture Book [The Flute-playing Man and the Parade]. Let’s not talk about its philosophy now Lol. It’s dark really. We save it for the next time. What I want to say is the song really makes me associate to an old folk story called The Piper (if you haven’t read it before, just find it. That little story is quite interesting).  Why? It’s here:

“O, friend! O sinless prisoners,

We were set free from the chains that bind us- the world itself.

We won’t refuse anyone, but we’ll never forgive those who desert.

Welcome to the funeral march at dusk…the paradise parade!”

(Oh, so it’s ‘welcome to my blog’ huh^^)

Quite creepy huh? It’s hard to find a lot of different translation, so I borrow ones from the WhiteCrow blog of SH fansite. Back to this, of course I don’t say it’s follow The Piper, just the theme was based on this. That’s what i think, or maybe not Lol. And the rhythm is something really valuable here. Well,  that’s what i think, or maybe not Lol. Btw, if you haven’t heard it, just enjoy: