Few First Weeks OMG!!!

So finally my summer has passed, and it’s time for a new semester. However, it didn’t goes smoothly as I used to hope. The fact is… these weeks drive me crazy. I can’t believe I have a ton of work that I have to remember and do, along with stupid troubles that are needed to solve. Oh man! It pissed me off. And it causes a lot of stress that has still continued and piled up until today. I got tired for all of this. And more terrible, this gives me a lot of weird dreams at nights that I couldn’t make my sleep soundly. I always space out with no reason and feel boring, plus get impatient more often. I get more lazy, and just want to throw everything away so I don’t have to care about them. At some time like this, what I like is playing games, but the games (well yeah, now I’m playing Elsword Online) doesn’t make me satisfied (In truth, I feel like bursting out because the gameplay now of people is not nice. A lot of weird things happen in the game and people’s gameplay and strategies are quite… stingy) so I don’t usually play games now. How’s about chatting with people? No. I don’t have many friends that I want to talk to and I don’t like communicate directly either. Moreover, when I’m in trouble, I avoid to talk to people whom I feel about like they can’t sympathize with my emotion. Well, yes, it’s horrible to keep silence and bury your own feelings without sharing but for me, it’s better a lot to suffer alone than sharing but after that feeling what you tried to do is in vain. Sometimes I hope to find someone can hear and understand me but ending up finding out that my stories is just a nonsense and annoying story for them, and they even can laugh without thinking and gave me give me stupid advice that is so common and hollow. For them the trouble I have is just a trivial matter but for me, it’s serious. Maybe I’m quite strict but who knows, the serious side in me is something that helped me until now, to gain respect (perhaps it’s just my thought).

That’s why after all that, I ended up letting myself engulf in my passion of drawing. I use most of my free time at home to draw, to sketch, and to CG. When I do that, I feel like I can live and be optimist that I can let my troubles pass through and be solved later. It may sound like stupid and daydreaming but that’s my way. I don’t care if people like them or not. I feel comfortable and I’m pleased to live in ‘my world’.


So, I think we should end the story of mine here. I have something to show in this blog, or what I could do in my last days of summer. I love them.

First, my new ID for DA gallery. I know it’s not so nice and the line is not flexible or something like that but at least, it’s not so bad. Yeah, I’m drawing myself but of course in real life, I’m not so beautiful or cute like that (just so-so^^;). To be honest, I’m more like a tomboy. I like simple appearance and strong thought and personality. I like coolness, and people say that my face is quite poker too, or emotionless Lol. This pic, I just wanted to try the sparkling eyes that’s seen very often in shoujo manga, but since I draw boys and action more, it has the sense of shounen more instead. And the BG, just love coloring circles.


Second, oh my, this is the mark of my improvement this year:

I lost my original size at first, but fortunately, I had taken a photo of the WIP screen so I still got the lineart to color Lol, and it even turned out more impressive than I thought. Well, this is an art-trade for AlicePyxis, one of my DA friends. I wanted to draw my RF and her CN in a soft romantic scene and I was so satisfied because finally I could draw my in-game model (thought it’s not full body but I think it’s better). It didn’t took me so much time either, thought it has some difficult spots to CG. And I got better in BG and effect too. I just testing brushes on SAI and use a little trick on Elements 9 to emphasize the light source, and then it became extremely good. I was even more happy when people like it. Well, it’s the first time I have so many favorite adding in a very short time like this one. Thanks to this time drawing, I learn a lot of new things in making good effect and using colors.


And the third. Hah, a WIP from a long time ago that I used to post my 50% WIP here in one of my blog. It’s a meme that I really really wanted to do, and I like it because it has been a long time since I last draw… like this. They are all my very first OC when I started liking to do design by myself, mostly because of the inspiration from MMZ and MMZX series. When I drew them, I felt like I could see my old days and my old passion again, from the days I used pencil to the time I first got my tablet and used it until the day I ‘made friend’ with my current Intuos 4. For me they are the best designs that I used to do and create, and to be honest, though now my skill is better a lot than before but I still feel hard when drawing them Lol (dunno why but I always make silly mistakes^^;). I love them!



Yes, and it’s the last pic of my summer. I completed it one day before the first days I went back to school. Of course now I’m still drawing but for this post, I think it’s enough.


Some Nurarihyon no Mago Fanart for this post…

Have no new post again. I was so have-no-word-to say-than lazy *yawn* and indeed I didn’t have mood to write anything these days. The summer is hot and I don’t like going out or working, my head is dizzy and I feel tired. That’s why I just want to sleep, find some old manga in the library and stay there for 1 or 2 hours, stick with my desktop to play Elsword and drawing. Nothing more than those. Yeah, I didn’t have mood to compose, but instead, I found some inspiration to draw and I was in passion with it.

Then, may I continue with the latest post? Ah yeah, that’s about the artwork of Kubinashi of Nurarihyon no Mago. From the last time I posted it here, I’ve finished it. I try to use again the style of Chinese/Japanese brush with SAI, and here is the result.

I had to say that (and I hate to say this) this brush was cruelly hard to use like hell Q_Q. The hardest part of this might be the color picking. As following the Chinese brush style, the colors must be darker and less contrast than normal CG, so I picked the original colors from the anime cutscenes, then adjusted the brightness, and using dark color for shading (sometimes the colors is nearly black). However, this kind of CG was quite interesting. When shading, I didn’t need to focus so much on the angle, and it’s more like a test of hand pressure, which means I used pressure quite random, and actually it is one of the requirement for this style to make the picture more natural. But one seems to be easy is also difficult at the same time. Like I said above, the nature of the picture depends on the pressure, so I did a thing that I haven’t noticed or really tried before (I tried to catch the feeling of the pen and watch the line move/flow as I wish). Moreover, the shading must be logical so the picture wouldn’t get so dark or become a bunch of black^^;; That’s why I was quite careful in shading, but somehow because of this, the artwork turned out to be something I didn’t hope. I didn’t know. I just thought that for the real 1st time I tried this interesting style, this could be seen as an acceptable result, not so good but not so bad either. I was proud of it. But the fact in me was I was fail. The CG was ok (I thought that), but the line needed more pressure to make the picture look more like making by traditional Chinese brush. Maybe I set myself quite a high standard (after all I’m just an amateur). However, that’s what I want. At least give myself a goal, even in hobby.

Btw, I’m surprised that quite many people like this picture. Their comments are enough to make me happy and try harder in the future.

And because of this, and because I like Nurarihyon no Mago so much, after this pic of Kubinashi, I made a quick sketch for Yuki-Onna Tsurara. At first, I want to make a CG, but I was so tired and rushed for another work, so I ended up making a doodle-like picture. Also, I’m not so really good at drawing girls like I do with boys (that’s why most of my artworks are drawing boys/guys^^;), so I thought a sketch is ok. And I added some cool color in it, cuz Tsurara is a Snow Girl/Demon.

I was happy when drawing her, cuz she’s my most favorite heroine in the series. Her hair may be the part I like most, but her eyes are… well, hard to catch the soul, so I had to shading them right away after I draw them Lol.

I also make a line art picture (actually line art is for WIP^^;) for Nura Rikuo and Tsurara. First, I want to draw more yokai, but I was lazy and I didn’t have enough confident in drawing many characters so I considered it, maybe I will when I continue with this pic someday (I doubt that Lol)

Hoh, wrong Tsurara face. It just… because I don’t really good at right view (I’m a right-handed) so no matter how I make the proportion, it just looks weird (Oh my!=_=). I need to practice more.



K, enough for this post. I will draw more fanart someday. Now I’m listening to Nurarihyon no Mago music (I like all the Opening, especially the ss2 1st OP Hoshi no Arika and Character CD^^=>got some of them)

New Artworks These Weeks

I’m being addicted to an anime called Nurarihyon no Mago these days. That’s why I haven’t had time (well, just an nonsense excuse reason I’ve got here^^) to write any post. Nah, it’s true that I’m enjoying my summer break, but I have so many things in my head that I want to do them all, and the result is, I don’t have time for every thing. Indeed, sometimes I think I’m a greedy person, or to be exact, a perfectionist and a workaholic. I always have a lot of ideas, so many that I can’t decide which one I should do first, and once I start to do something with that idea, I want the result I gain is at least acceptable. I usually set a high standard and get myself busy with it in oder to  feel that I don’t waste time in this life, or to let myself not think about what I don’t want to think or about negative things, so I can find a better way to deal with my real problem later… Of course what I do is what I want to do, and I rarely force myself to do what I don’t like if it’s not an obligation or a duty that necessary to do for my and the others’ sakes (sometimes it becomes my disadvantage^^;).

K, that’s time for a little chit-chat. Btw, let’s change the atmosphere. I will show you something that I did in these weeks’ mean time. Another artworks of mine. I just like to do this, drawing, painting… It makes me more love myself and be more optimistic. This time I want to do something different. I want to try other kinds of brush. Like I told you, I’m watching Nurarihyon no Mago now, and I was interested in the prologue scene when they introduce Nurarihyon. That’s the scene they draw in Chinese/Japanese brush style, and I like it. So I tried to analyze it and make a brush to see if it’s similar to what they used in the scene. And the result is like this:

Unfortunately, it’s not so look-a-like Lol, because I used ‘crayon’ and the brush ‘Paper’ with some adjustment for this, while in the original picture it looks exact like the traditional Japanese painting. I guess I should try another brush for the next time. Hope it will be better. Btw, I like this time’s artwork, seems to be I’ve got something new and different from the previous times. I’m glad and I want to try it more. Ah, and if anybody want to see the original picture that I based on, here it is. Well, good for a comparison:

From Nurarihyon no Mago series (Translation: Nurarihyon’s grandson. English release: Nura: Rise of the yokai clan). I think this guy looks cool^^

Oh, and about the character in my pic. I chose my old Arez (full name is Arez Tigrismachiney =>quite long and weird for a name eh^^;;) to test the new style this time. It’s been a long time since I last drew him, cuz I want to find some way to change my drawing style for this FC. This time, I love to draw his eyes (I rarely draw small and sharp eyes like that), but I failed at making him look like a boy. Talking more about this, this FC is an murderous assassin in spite of his childish appearance (Actually he’s not a child. There’s a story behind this and a reason why he keeps this appearance though his age and mind are the same as an adult). That’s why I want him to look like a child with a cold and heartless eyes to show his dangerous and emotionless… and it becomes the hardest part when drawing this guy, and I haven’t succeeded in this=.= I need to try more. However, I think this time when I choose the color and the CG style, it’s somehow suitable for him. Yeah, a lot (it’s hide some wrong point when I draw his hair, which I used to be complained that it’s quite complicated^^;). And I like how I made the splashing blood. Some times I enjoy doing this, don’t know why. Well, it’s not so hard to do the effect, but to make it ‘logical’, it needs to be quite careful.

Ah, and the last week is for another Eldoodle. This is the pic for this time:

I made it quite fast, and my new record is 3 hours. Indeed I didn’t intend to do the entry this time, cuz I was so busy with anime Nurarihyon Lol (again^^) that I wanted to skip it. But at the last minutes I still did it in my traditional Elsword CG, and it was surprise that I made it rapidly. Well, the reason was I want the K-ching Lol, and I did really received 1000 thanks to this. I used them and my previous K-ching for a costume for my dear Raven and buy a slot for my incoming Chung Seiker (I intend to do the job of Deadly Chaser when I get him). However, I still, in my opinion, hate Aisha very much, maybe the most imbalance character who is just good at spamming and trolling and without playing for real. So, that’s one of the reasons why I don’t like drawing Aisha, and if it’s not because of the K-ching… Yeah, I didn’t put so much effort into this.

And finally, this is my latest picture. Like I said above, I really like Nurarihyon no Mago, so I want to make some fan arts for this. And I want to draw Kubinashi, who is my favourite male character after Nura Rikuo. I think that guy is cool, not only his background story, but I like the way his head floating above his body *Lol* (he has no neck, of course). Quite creepy, but quite cute, especially when his head out of his body and rebound like a ball *lmao*. And his technique with strings is something that interests me. Well, it’s hard to believe a character with string attack can become one of the most dangerous, but this guy do and it’s impressive when he put his ‘Fear’ into strings to make them like chains. And, because of that, I like him (just to find a remarkable character here)

Well, from the previous time I drew Arez, I think I saw more in the style of Chinese brush, so I want to test here. At the first time, I drew this picture of Kubinashi as a doodle, but since I want to do something more, I put the lineart. And I was interested in it because the line with the random difference in thickness is like a practice with the wrist and to check the quality of tablet. Of course with an Intuos 4, there’s no doubt about the quality (it’s expensive like hell but it worths for my money^^). The main point here is the wrist. It creates the different pressures depended on how you control it. And I was excited. But because I haven’t done it quite often, it took time quite much. However, each time I do something new, I learn a lot, and I can make better and faster next time. So I think I just keep trying

Well, and I may color it in the new way if I have enough inspiration lol.

Oh, and the last thing is, Nurarihyon no Mago is a good series. If you like cool characters and a quite crazy and weird plot of demon, you should give it a try. It won’t make you disappointed.

ZX Gigamix _ Track 6 translation

Another translation for Rockman ZX Soundsketch ZX Gigamix , also made by my friend Venom00 (on DeviantArt). This time he translated Track 6: ZX Portrait_ Death and Witch, which is one of my favorite track in the CD. The track focuses on Prometheus and Pandora at the time after the final Serpent incident in ZX game. I like this track not only because of the voice but also because of these duo (yeah, they are cool like hell^^)

The other tracks may be translated, or may be not. I don’t know because the Soundsketch-es are full of noise, which makes the voices harder to hear, so my friend is not sure about  doing on these. But, I hope to see the translation of them someday.


The drama track from original ZX Gigamix:


The translation:

Citizen A: “Arrrgggh help me!!!”
Citizen B: “Run! It’s the Irregular!”
Pandora: “Wait for me, onii-chan!”
Prometheus: “Hurry up! The Irregular is coming! …Let’s hide in here!”
Pandora: “Onii-chan…I’m scared…!”
Prometheus: “Quiet! It’s gone… Let’s get out of here…! Ah…!”
Pandora: “Ah wait! …Huaaa!”
Prometheus: “Arg what are you doing?! Let’s go!”
Pandora: “Yes…!”
Prometheus: “Shit… We’re surrounded! Shit… Shit!!!”

Computer: “Restored cluster of memory found. Establishment of predetermined link verified.
Target cluster of resistance produced. Temporary mind stabilization of subject executed.
Maintenance completed. Opening capsule.”
Prometheus: “A dream, huh…”
Pandora: “Good morning, Prometheus.”
Prometheus: “Pandora… You woke up earlier huh. Shit… This healing capsule is
uncomfortable as hell. Couldn’t that Albert at least notice that?
Pandora: “You had that dream?”
Prometheus: “Yeah. Kinda… How long have we been asleep for? And the situation?”
Pandora: “A lot has happened after Serpent was defeated by Model ZX. Legion is making
its move after the disaster of Serpent Company.”
Prometheus: “Albert is covering things up faster than we thought. Those Trinity geezers
are unexpectedly good.”
Pandora: “The next mission briefing from albert has yet to come. What should we do?”
Prometheus: “That bastard is not making a move huh. Even after testing Model V on
Serpent, or making enemy of Model ZX… He must have noticed by now. That’s
not all the Ultimate RockMan should have. That bastard is still continuing
with this game.
Pandora: “The Game of Destiny…to find the Ultimate RockMan. The battle of the RockMen…”
Prometheus: “Right… If that’s the case, what we have to do is already decided. Let’s start
looking for the remaining Model Vs. Pandora, gather all the information on the rest
of Model Vs and put them on the monitor.”
Pandora: “Understood.”

Soldier A: “Take cover! Reinforcement is coming! …Shit. We got the readings of some kind of
energy but…what’s with this type of Irregular? What the hell are those mercenary
we hired doing?! Can’t you do something as their leader?!”
Soldier B: “Not good. They’re not responding. With this many Irregulars, I think the mercenery
are done for already. We should just give up and run!”
Soldier A: “Don’t fuck with me! This work… This investigation… Are you saying we should
just run when we’re this close?! Arrggghh!!!”
Soldier B: “Hey…get a grip!”
Soldier A: “Sh…it… Is it it…?!”
Prometheus: “Too many…you Irregular punks. Clear a path to Model V already!”
Soldier B: “He defeated the Irregular…with just one hit… What power.”
Soldier A: “I-I-I don’t know who you are but please help us! I’ll give you money or whatever
you want! At this rate we don’t stand a chance against those Irregulars!”
Prometheus: “Hm… You trash.”
Soldier A: “Why…?”
Prometheus: “You’re just another enemy. Model V attracts Irregulars. The Irregulars draw
out the new RockMan. You trash who can’t stand against these Irregulars have no place
in this game!”
Soldier B: “Reaper… Grim Reaper…! It’s the Grim Reaper!!! ARGGHHH!!!”
Prometheus: “Engage them already, Pandora.”
Pandora: “Take this.”
Prometheus: “Now…make way so I can get to Model V! You Irregular pieces of shit! Hahahahah!
Now come! Let’s meet again in this game!”
Pandora: “When that time comes, destruction will also come. Everything… Everything, will be destroyed.”
Prometheus: “Just you wait, Albert…and you RockMen! Isn’t this fun…? No corpses… Just a game of dolls!!!”



And the illustration for this, like the one in Girls Bravo:


ZX Gigamix _ Track 13 translation

This is the translation for Track 13 of Rockman ZX Soundsketch ZX Gigamix named ZX Portrait: Girls Bravo.

My partner did this, not me (I don’t know Japanese^^), and I appreciate his work because I haven’t seen any translation for this on the Internet. I wonder, why don’t people translate it? Maybe because it’s too long and has a lot of voices and noises in the scene when Aile, Prairie and Fleuve was on the main street, which made the track quite complicated. Despite it, this is really a good drama track for the series Rockman/Mega Man ZX because of the attractive voices and the moods setting in it, and it also extends the storyline of ZX franchise, explaining more about what happened in the transition of ZX and ZX Advent. I really like this track and have been looking for the translation of it but there’s nothing on the net, until I got this from my friend. And he also promise to translate the other ones, which made me excited. I hope he will not forget it (well, he’s absentminded sometimes I guess^^).


The drama track from original ZX Gigamix:


And here is the translation (woa, it’s long. Well, because the track is more than 9 minutes…O.o) :

Prometheus: “Persistent, aren’t you? However…don’t underestimate Model V.”
Pandora: “You can’t interfere.”
Aile: “That’s my line… Go!”
Pandora: “Model V is…destroyed…!”
Prometheus: “Tsk she’s really done it… Let’s go, Pandora. A scrapped Model V is of no use anymore. Until then…Rockman Model ZX.”
Pandora: “Farewell.”
Aile: “Ah… Geez what’s wrong with them…!”

Prairie: “With this…Aile has successfully destroyed the tenth of Model V. We understand that Prometheus’s goal is to assemble all the Model Vs but…it’s unlikely that we have defeated them. Apart from this, although there have been so many battles already…they’re clearly keep Aile alive on purpose. But why…?”
Fleuve: “Um…Prairie-san. You’ve been researching for ten hourse straight already. Please rest a little bit…”
Prairie: “I’m sorry, Fleuve. I still can’t gather all the pieces together. I should keep going for a bit longer.”
Fleuve: “Y-yes…”
Prairie: “For what purpose is Prometheus trying to collect the Model Vs? How many Model Vs are there really? …Not good. I finally have more old data but…why?”
Fleuve: “Hmm…this is a problem.”
Aile: “Fleuve!”
Fleuve: “Ah Aile-san.”
Aile: “Is Prairie…still doing research?”
Fleuve: “I think Prairie-san has been uneasy ever since we got more information
about Model V after the Serpent incident.”
Aile: “But then…wouldn’t she collapse at this rate?”
Fleuve: “That’s right. What to do…”
Fleuve&Aile: “Hmmm…”
Aile: “That’s it!”
Fleuve: “Aile-san!”
Aile: “Hey Prairie, let’s go out and play for a bit!”
Prairie: “Aile… I’m sorry. Right now I’m composing a mission plan from your report.
We can’t get our hopes up just yet after Model V’s awakening in that incident
with Serpent. The promised spring thunder… Something big is going to happen…
I’m getting this uneasy feeling. I’m just not in the mood to be worried or glad at all.”
Aile: “That’s why! …Because you’re precisely not in the mood that you don’t need to
feel not in the mood right now! Now just go! You get it, right?”
Prairie: “Ah wai- don’t pull me so hard! …But where are we going?”
Aile: “Just right when I want to see all the stuff on the main street… Let’s go and see
them now! It’ll be fun. I’ll choose something nice for you to wear!”
Prairie: “E-eh…?”

Clerk: “What do you think about this one?”
Aile: “See? You really look good in that dress! …Yep, you’re cute!”
Prairie: “C-cute?”
Fleuve: “Oh man you’re pretty, Prairie-san!”
Prairie: “Am I…?”
Aile: “It’s decided then! Um Miss clerk? I want this one!”
Clerk: “I’m sorry. This item is currently out of stock. New ones of this size
is only available next year.”
Aile: “Eh?! For a whole year?!”
Clerk: “My deepest apology. We’ve been through a lot after the Serpent Company
incident. Surely you’ve heard of that?”
Prairie: “I see… I’m sorry. We’ll come back at another time. Let’s go, Fleuve.”
Fleuve: “Prairie-san…”
Aile: “No way…”

Clerk: “Thank you very much.”
Aile: “Hey Prairie…”
Prairie: “I’m sorry Aile. I’ve seen how much the people suffered earlier. It’s just
not the right time after all… Right now the researching department is downloading
the data from Model H (Hunter in background: “Ashe! Hurry it up, will ya?) and other
LiveMetals. We don’t know much about the situation revolving around Model V
(Aile: “”What should we do Fleuve? Isn’t this bad?!”) without his data.
(Fleuve: “I know but…!”) And…we (Waitress: “Welcome back, Master!”) still don’t
know Prometheus’s goals. That’s right… Prometheus used to attack the Guardian Base…”
Ashe: “Bosh!”
Citizen A: “Hey. Aren’t those two look strange?”
Citizen B: “That old man somehow is really weird… (Fleuve: “Aile-san, please calm down!”)
Is he her lover?”
Citizen B: “Are you a moron? The hell is that? (Fleuve: “Right Prairie-san?”)”
Aile: “Prairie?”
Prairie: “Indeed I don’t know about the replacement. Day after day I just think about the
world’s peace in vain. I can’t dress fashionably… Indeed I can’t do that. But I… But I…!”
Citizen A: “What’s wrong with you? Do you have some business with us?”
Aile: “Oopsie sorry! It’s nothing! Sorry for getting in the way!”
Fleuve: “Now let’s go, Prairie-san!”
Citizen A: “What was that all about? But…that girl is really cute! (Ashe: “That’s why I said
it’s troublesome! Hey are you even listening?!”)”
Citizen B: “Really peaceful, no?”

Waitress: “Welcome! May I ask how many of you are there?”
Fleuve: “Um three people.”
Aile: “Prairie…(Waitress: “Please come this way!”) Um…”
Prairie: “I’m sorry. I should have been more careful but…”
Aile: “…You messed up again?”
Prairie: “Eh?”
Aile: “Earlier you just made a mistake for nothing. When they’re at their limit, it’s fine for
girls to laugh more, you know.”
Prairie: “But…I’m trying my best so that everyone can have peace…”
Aile: “But even if there is peace in the world, it would be meaningless if you can’t be happy.
That’s why you…everyone of the Guardians should live each moments to the fullest.”
Prairie: “Aile…”
Aile: “Seeing you messed up out of nothing earlier…it just felt painful. At this rate, you’ll
forget how to laugh.”
Prairie: “…”
Aile: “That’s why… Laugh, okay? You’re really cute when you smile. That guy earlier said so too!”
Prairie: “Is…that so…?”
Aile: “Was it just my imagination then?”
Prairie: “Geez, Aile…”
Aile: “Yep, that! A smile!”
Fleuve: “Sorry for making you two wait!”
Aile: “Thanks, Fleuve.”
Prairie: “Hm? Aile did you cut yourself?”
Aile: “Ah this? It’s nothing much. Apply a little cream and it’ll be fine… That’s right did you
hear? Recently there’s this type of cream that would clean the wound and get it healed
immediately. Incredible, right?”

Prairie: “Aile let’s go. Let’s go get that cream.”
Aile: “Eh? Ah sorry. I was just thinking about that…”
Prairie: “Erring is not good. Girls should be selfish once in a while, right?”
Aile: “Ehe I’m glad… Thanks. Then should I get you something too? Recently you’ve been getting
cuter and cuter.”
Prairie: “Really? But I’m not all that fashionable…”
Aile: “It’s alright. I’m not that cool either. Ehe… Let’s go.”
Fleuve: “Ah? Um (Prairie: “Hey Aile, how much do you know about that cream?”) how about the bill?!
Wait you two please wait (Aile: “Hm I’m not sure… Let’s go get it together then!”)!”
Waitress: “Sir? Shall I charge you now?”
Fleuve: “Ah that’s… Umm… Prairie-san!”

Prairie: “I’m sure the day we have to fight will come again. Even until now, I still don’t know if
the battles have started or not. But… Just for today…I can act like a normal girl…right?
…Thank you, Fleuve. Thank you, Aile.”



And I also had the illustration for this track from the Gigamix booklet:

Wow, what I can say is: “Kawaii desu”. Really love the drawing of Hitoshi Ariga (he’s the author of Mega Man Megamix and Gigamix manga, and also the illustrator who made the cover of Mega Man Tribute official hardcover^^)

Boring Day. Random Testing

Should I change the atmosphere? Yeah, just a small test. I am bored and so busy so I can’t draw anything seriously now. That’s why I use my little free time to play with my tablet and draw some doodles, but at last, they are always so interesting (oh, just my feeling^^) so I use them to practice and test my new style of drawing Lol. However, I’m just an amateur, so I guess I have to learn a lot

And here’s what I draw today. I intend to draw my dear FC Noir of project Holy Era but I couldn’t do itQ_Q. And I want to make a full design for this but let see if I have enough time, inspiration and patience to finish it (24h is not enough for a day:((). Just so random, and quick thinking. I don’t know why I use this style (I haven’t used it before) and draw this character. Well, seems I got a new real OC. Maybe I should put him in a story later. Well, I haven’t name him yet (it may take time to get a cool name for him Lol)

The original (Is he cool? I wonder…)

The edit (well, they are my test versions^^)

Just want to make the shading darker^^

Like the second cuz it reminds me of ballpoint pen Lol