Shining Hearts ~ Shiawase no Pan ~

Finally this franchise was adapted and got its own anime, and now it’s on air. I’m really excited. The name of it is Shining Hearts ~ Shiawase no Pan ~ (Shining Hearts ~ The bread of happiness ~) which based on the PSP game made by SEGA and designed by Tony Taka.

Here is the plot:

Rick lives on the island of Windaria, inhabited by various races such as elves and beast-people. Amnesiac, he is rescued by three young ladies and taken to work in their bakery. But when a red moon rises and a deathly wind blows, they’ll all be engulfed in strange events.

 (Three moe sisters of “Le Coeurs” in the artwork of orginal Shining Hearts)

This anime is my interest now cuz the fact that the original character designs and illustrations (from the game) was made by Tony Taka, one of the artists whose works I admire and like much. And I haven’t been disappointed about the art of the anime. The scenes was drawn with highly detailed line and smooth, brilliant effects. For me it’s better a lot than the previous anime adaption “Shining Tears x Wind” (based on PS2 games Shining Tears and Shining Wind).

Well, actually the art of “Shining Tears x Wind” is not so bad, and it’s great to see Tony’s works in anime form. However, the plot of it is really a problem. Though it’s based on two games with good storylines, it didn’t follow the route. Instead of it, the story was shortened very much, which made the characters’ roles unclear. I know it’s hard to expect much from an anime adapted from a game, but I still hope Shining Hearts won’t let me down. And now everything seems to be good. But let’s wait to see more before we can judge.

Oh, and talking about this, the plot, I used to have some doubt when I first watched the 1st episode. Um, well, it all talked about baking… It just hinted a little about Rick’s past, which was not unclear. And we see Elwyn (from Shining Tears and Shining Wind), but this time, she took a name Rana. I was doubtful about it, because if my memory is good, there’s no appearance of Elwyn in Shining Hearts. So what can this plot be? Maybe it took place before Shining Tears x Wind I assume, based on Elwyn outfit. But also because of this, I’m worry if the plot is good. However, though the entire ep.1 talked about baking and a normal life, I found it’s really cute. Not boring, but not so exciting, it’s peaceful with an acceptable level.

And at the end of the ep.2, the most important character Kaguya finally showed up. I was excited since it means the plot got its main point now. And in ep.3, the climax was begun. I really like the parts they inserted the songs from the original game, which are WHITE and SHADOW ~Mugen no Rinbu~  and the game OP theme Kokoro ni Todoku Uta.

About the OP and ED of the anime, they are good enough in my opinion. The OP Jisei-kai ~Toki Sekai~ is soft, deep and peaceful, while the ED Fuwaffuwa no Mahou is cheerful. The BGM is not boring really, and it fits the scence. Let’s hope more in the OST and the BGM.

 (“Shining Hearts Intro Theme: Toki Sekai / Outro Theme: Fuwaffuwa no Mahou” Cover)

And these are some screenshots from the first three episodes aring until now:

I can’t resist when seeing these beautiful scene. Hope to see more characters in the next episodes.

Generally, I hope so much in this anime. The joyful, carefree atmosphere for a fantasy story made me believe that this anime will turn out to be good. Let’s see more about the adventure of Rick and the cute girls at “Le Coeur” bakery.

My Late Gift Art

This beautiful OC is not mine Lol. It belongs to this account:

And her name (the OC) is Arisa

I really love the design. She is really cute, right? I’ve wanted to draw her since the time I saw the pic of my friend crazythecatsmile97 (also on DA), but I don’t have so much time. Actually I felt somehow guilty because I have so many ideas in my head, mainly for my fiction and my OCs, so even if I want to make requests or gift arts for other people, I can’t do that Q_Q But even I have ideas for my OCs and FCs, I don’t have time. And, I’m the one who easily change, so I rarely stick to one pic till the end. And if I don’t have inspiration, I can’t draw seriously and well. That’s why I have a bunch of sketches and CG, incomplete and complete, and the coloring is still not finished. Oh, I’m a disappointing artist.

Btw, back to this pic, I want to make something for AlicePyxis on her B-day (well, it’s interesting that this artist I admire has the same B-day as me^^), but I’m really late Q_Q. Well, we made B-day arts for each other last year, and I loved her art so much (my style doesn’t allow me drawing like that). It’s better a lot comparing to my pic, so as my skill’s getting better, I want to make something more special for her this year. And this is the result. However, until now I’ve finished it as my late gift. I’m satisfied with it (I use a new style for CG-ing this time), though it seems I use so many PS brushes Lol (I need to improve more). I want to say sorry to her and hope she will like my late gift.

Ah, and this is my last year gift. Till now I’m still like it^O^ (though the dark theme is quite weird for a B-day gift, eh? Anyway, that’s my request Lol)




Boring Day. Random Testing

Should I change the atmosphere? Yeah, just a small test. I am bored and so busy so I can’t draw anything seriously now. That’s why I use my little free time to play with my tablet and draw some doodles, but at last, they are always so interesting (oh, just my feeling^^) so I use them to practice and test my new style of drawing Lol. However, I’m just an amateur, so I guess I have to learn a lot

And here’s what I draw today. I intend to draw my dear FC Noir of project Holy Era but I couldn’t do itQ_Q. And I want to make a full design for this but let see if I have enough time, inspiration and patience to finish it (24h is not enough for a day:((). Just so random, and quick thinking. I don’t know why I use this style (I haven’t used it before) and draw this character. Well, seems I got a new real OC. Maybe I should put him in a story later. Well, I haven’t name him yet (it may take time to get a cool name for him Lol)

The original (Is he cool? I wonder…)

The edit (well, they are my test versions^^)

Just want to make the shading darker^^

Like the second cuz it reminds me of ballpoint pen Lol

Dream Port 2008 Maxi Single

I know that it is old, very old (yeah, from the year 2008), but I like this single very much. The best composers, Yuki Kajiura of FictionJunction and Revo of Sound Horizon collaborated together. What is better than that? For me they are perfect duo. I love songs from both of them, and I know that their styles of composing are very different, though one aspect for sure is their songs usually having fantasy atmosphere. Yuki’s songs are melodic, sacred and chanting, while Revo’s are deep, philosophical, omnibus, mysterious and metaphorical. But together, their collaboration is amazing. That makes me impressed. I still remember the first time I heard Sajin no Katana he, it was so good that I couldn’t describe my feeling, especially when Revo and Yuki sang together. Their voice was really  good (I didn’t know that Yuki’s voice is that great). Maybe it’s the best song I’ve ever heard (to tell you the truth, thanks to that song that I know about Sound Horizon and their unique story-music, so it began the time I addicted Sanhora’s songs and stories, and have had headache usually because of the analysis Lol).

So, I upload it again for those who want to hear this masterpiece. It’s really great^^

Download link:

Dream Port_Yuki Kajiura and Revo

Hope you like it too

[PSP] Shining Blade preview

It seems I’m late posting this^^. Well, the game was released with JP version for PSP on March 15, 2012. Yes, the newest franchise of SEGA Shining series, Shining Blade (シャイニング・ブレイド Shainingu Bureido), is now on sale. It’s fortunate that SEGA haven’t forgotten about this series. Hoping it will be a new interest for Shining‘s fans.

And here is the plot of the game:

“Within the Dragonia Empire, a plan to revive the leader of the Dark Dragon by sapping spirit energy from the land starts to unfold. With giant dragons rampaging throughout the land and the world engulfed in chaos, all hope has turn to the retrieval of the mysterious “Shining Blade”. And thus, a soul blader is given the task to obtain the legendary blade and find Loreley, the songtress who sings the “Song of Mana””

(From Wikipedia)

Sounds exciting, isn’t it?^^ Yeah, for me this plot is good. And more interesting, there are characters from the three other previous Shining games drawn by Tony Taka appear in this, such as Elwing, Blanc Neige, Ryuna… from Shining Tears, Kureha Touka, Xecty Ein, Kanon Seena from Shining Wind, Rick, Neris, Amil, Airy from Shining Hearts. It seems the franchise this time took place a long time after the events of Shining Wind. Well, and the way SEGA combines characters from the previous game remind me the way CyberConnect did with .Hack//Link. Though, never mind, it’s just my association.^^

As well as the three previous Shining games (Shining Tears, Shining Wind, Shining Hearts), the artworks and character designs of Shining Blade were done by the talented ecchi artist Tony Taka, and they’re outstanding and attractive as always. Well, we’ve got a  cool Rage (Reiji? Whatever. Um, I’m not sure why I have this thought, but when saw him, I suddenly think of Ichigo Kurosaki^^;. Maybe because their orange hair and arrogant look???), a cold-looking but hot Yukihime who can transform as Rage’s sword_katana, the reappearance of Sakuya with a lot of moe modes, and many characters (mostly female) of Shining’s world.

(Oh my, they are moe^^) 

The gameplay this time is more action-oriented than Shining Hearts, but still follow the traditional RPG. The battle system is called Concerto, which allow player uses “strategy active real time”, emphasizing on the characters cooperation. And like the other Shining, depend on player’s selection and usage that causes the change of relationships later in the game.

Gameplay trailer:

Well, because I don’t have a PSP and I can’t read Japanese, I can’t play this game. However, it gets me interested when I read about it. The preview BGMs on the official website are sweet. And I really like the animated opening with the scenes made like an anime, with a great song named “Lorelei no Shi” (Lorelei’s Poem) performed by Lia (I’m searching for the full ver., but it seems they haven’t got it)

Official JP website: 

Opening animation:

Shining Hearts OP Single – Kokoro ni Todoku Uta [Lia (Veil)]

 Um, this is an old games, isn’t it? To honest, I haven’t played this game. Why? Because the game only has JP version and I can’t read much Japanese. Besides, it’s for PSP and I don’t have one so playing is just my dream. However, when I first saw its cover, I felt in love with it because of the brilliant designs. And I like this game’s artworks, especially when it were done by the famous artist Tony Taka, one of my favorite artist until now.

Recently I’ve heard the news that the game’s anime version Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan is on air. I’m so excited because according to what I know, the original plot of this franchise is not bad, so I hope the anime will have something that makes me interested.

And about this single, it includes the game Shining Hearts OP Kokoro ni Todoku Uta, and an insert song called WHITE and SHADOW ~Mugen no Rinbu~, both were sung by Lia. I love her songs, from the first time I heard Tori no Uta of Air series.

Front cover


Back Cover


  1. Kokoro ni Todoku Uta
  2. WHITE and SHADOW ~Mugen no Rinbu~
  3. Kokoro ni Todoku Uta (Instrumental)
  4. WHITE and SHADOW ~Mugen no Rinbu~ (Intrumental)

Download Link:

Opening (game version): 

Old stuffs

Posting for fun.

Well, I requested and had these when I was in Vietnam. They are my old stuffs, but sometimes when I see it, I feels somehow interested. Yeah, I used to be a huge fan of Mega Man and Sonic franchises. Well, that doesn’t really mean now I don’t like them anymore, just because now they haven’t had anything attract me much like before. However, I’m still waiting and hope that someday they will have something new, as well as the old days or better if they can. Maybe I will become a huge fan again?…

I do not use these for commercial purpose, just for admiring and love^^. Thanks for drawing these.

All credit to the artists. I do not own any of these (except artworks of my OCs)

First post

Um, so… Ok, this is my first post^^. Nice to meet you all who visit this blog (oh, don’t mind the picture, just something irrelevant^^).

Well,  dunno what I should write for today. Maybe this is for a blog test Lol

Btw, I have some moods today. Now I’m writing this post while hearing Sound Horizon’s 4th album Elysion. I’m a new SH fan, but love all the songs so much^^. Their stories amaze me. Well, the song’s name is El no Ehon [Fuefuki Otoko to Parade] (El’s Picture Book [The Flute-playing Man and the Parade]. Let’s not talk about its philosophy now Lol. It’s dark really. We save it for the next time. What I want to say is the song really makes me associate to an old folk story called The Piper (if you haven’t read it before, just find it. That little story is quite interesting).  Why? It’s here:

“O, friend! O sinless prisoners,

We were set free from the chains that bind us- the world itself.

We won’t refuse anyone, but we’ll never forgive those who desert.

Welcome to the funeral march at dusk…the paradise parade!”

(Oh, so it’s ‘welcome to my blog’ huh^^)

Quite creepy huh? It’s hard to find a lot of different translation, so I borrow ones from the WhiteCrow blog of SH fansite. Back to this, of course I don’t say it’s follow The Piper, just the theme was based on this. That’s what i think, or maybe not Lol. And the rhythm is something really valuable here. Well,  that’s what i think, or maybe not Lol. Btw, if you haven’t heard it, just enjoy: