[Elsword] Raven Design – costume contest –

[Elsword] Raven Design - costume contest - by ClairSH

My costume design for NA server contest this year :la:

The rule is one design per character per person, so I choose Raven. He’s my main character in game xD

If you guys like this design, please vote for me on this link:


Category: Raven
IGN: KageAngelo

About this:
The set this time was based on elegant, nobility, coolness, innovation and chess. The general theme is from a noble of Velder, showing wealth and power. However, I want to mix the classical with modern style, so the design is off the tradition classic on purpose and has more stylish details.

The chess-based theme was shown on various part of the costume, like the mark of chess pieces on his clothes. The weapon is based on that idea too with the shape is the form of the Rider’s/Knight’s spear, the mark of the King’s Crown, the heads of Bishop and Rook, the graceful details on the hilt of the blade (abstract idea for Queen), a piece a chess plate. The details were mostly used dark and white color, as implying for the chess theme. Also, golden was used for nobility and royal.

Since Raven came from Velder, I added the Velder Crest on the weapon, hinting his backstory and setting.

Again, follow the link for voting. I appreciate every vote of you.

Thank you very much :love::love::love:


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