Oh My, Late Again.

This was made for Elsword NA weekly drawing contest, but unfortunately, I was late (2 days after the deadline OMG=.=), so good bye my dream of K-ching Lol.

I like this pet Ancient Phoru in Elsword (and also love the game so much^^). Don’t know why. Just because I think it’s cool, especially its special kinds for ArchAngel set and ArchDevil set. It somehow, well, looks like a small horse I think. However, I don’t play with real money (K-ching) so having one is just my dream (and I’m lazy to raise it Lol).

However, it’s not my most favorite pet in the game. I guess maybe I like Wyvern pet more because it’s more like a dragon, and I like dragon so much. Unfortunately, it hasn’t released in NA server yet. Well, long way to wait. That’s everything I can do now. I also like Mystic, a type of pet looks like a cute robot lolita, but when I heard its noise in the game when it spun, I rethink, and somehow I felt quite annoyed. Of course I don’t hate it.

And about this pic, nothing’s more special than a rush artwork, or a doodle in my opinion (actually the time is so much for a doodle Lol). I completed it in 4 or more hours, with a rush lineart for the Ancient Phoru and quick CG-ing. I don’t have time, especially when stuck in the final exam><. Well, I think it’s not a bad thing for a quick artwork, though in my perspective, it’s worse than my other artworks when I worked seriously. I couldn’t really make a background so I borrowed the scene of Ruben instead and draw something for the grass. And, it’s ashamed that I didn’t know how to draw a tree. I’ve read the tutorial befor but I couldn’t imagine and do it because it took so much time and patience and I didn’t know exactly the method. I felt so bad, and it plus more to my mood these days. Well, I should try harder and get my optimism again or something will be worse.