First post

Um, so… Ok, this is my first post^^. Nice to meet you all who visit this blog (oh, don’t mind the picture, just something irrelevant^^).

Well,  dunno what I should write for today. Maybe this is for a blog test Lol

Btw, I have some moods today. Now I’m writing this post while hearing Sound Horizon’s 4th album Elysion. I’m a new SH fan, but love all the songs so much^^. Their stories amaze me. Well, the song’s name is El no Ehon [Fuefuki Otoko to Parade] (El’s Picture Book [The Flute-playing Man and the Parade]. Let’s not talk about its philosophy now Lol. It’s dark really. We save it for the next time. What I want to say is the song really makes me associate to an old folk story called The Piper (if you haven’t read it before, just find it. That little story is quite interesting).  Why? It’s here:

“O, friend! O sinless prisoners,

We were set free from the chains that bind us- the world itself.

We won’t refuse anyone, but we’ll never forgive those who desert.

Welcome to the funeral march at dusk…the paradise parade!”

(Oh, so it’s ‘welcome to my blog’ huh^^)

Quite creepy huh? It’s hard to find a lot of different translation, so I borrow ones from the WhiteCrow blog of SH fansite. Back to this, of course I don’t say it’s follow The Piper, just the theme was based on this. That’s what i think, or maybe not Lol. And the rhythm is something really valuable here. Well,  that’s what i think, or maybe not Lol. Btw, if you haven’t heard it, just enjoy:


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