About me:

Oh, I’m a God… Hahah, just kidding. Well, please don’t assume I’m an arrogant or ‘some-kinds-like’ person. I… let’s see… um, a normal college student who falls in love with manga, anime and games and stuffs relating to those. I’m not really an otaku, but I love them, maybe because I love stories and imagination^^

I’m a Vietnamese, but I live in the USA. So you see, I can use both English and Vietnamese. But I just moved to the USA so my English is not really fluent. And moreover, Vietnamese is my primary language so I assume it’s better a lot than English. So if you see my English errors, please forgive me.

What I like? Well, I spend most of my time on the computer. I have a lot of things to do: study online, research, communicate… But my most favorite free time hobbies is mostly drawing. I’m an amateur, so I guess my drawing is somewhere of all-right level. I use most of my drawing time to draw anime-manga style, both in traditional (pencil) and digital (SAI, tablet, photoshop). But I don’t draw much fan arts. Instead, I really like creating OC and FC, and sometimes give them background stories like fan fiction profile (I have a plan for some big fan fictions but with my busy time, I can’t and maybe never finish any of them. Anyway, I love to think of it^^)

If you are interested in my drawing hobbies, please take your little time to visit my galleries:


And I also love reading. I read everything that I have interested, mostly manga and novels. I can’t decide which story category I like to read most, but I think, based on what I usually read, they are fantasy (I love dark-meaningful fantasy), mystery, shounen… But like I said, I don’t follow one category all the time. I also love science, so I use my time to read books and information of it. I love writing too, and always want to make a story, but I haven’t reached that much^^ (maybe someday, I guess)

Well, maybe that’s enough for the spoiled. Perhaps you will recognize me more throughout my post^^…

About this blog:

Well, mostly about manga, anime and games, I think. But there will be some of my comments and opinions about them, or maybe there are some metaphors using quotes from them to express my mood. Hah, I can’t guess what this blog will become… So, take your time and enjoy it.


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