B-day Gift Art Reply and My Entry for Eldoodle This Week

Oh Gosh, I was so surprised. This is my late B-day gift from one of my favorite artists on Deviantart, and also my friend, AlicePyxis. I haven’t thought that she would give me an awesome gift like this^^

Well, I like this gift much, and it’s out of my guess too. I used to think that she would use her ZX style to draw my FC like she used to do with my previous art gift and art trade. Anyway, I think it’s ok when she used her own style. It gave me a new sense when seeing Clair Draver in this way, and I see that she has improved her skills a lot.


And about me. I just finished this one last night.

This is for Elsword Eldoodle weekly contest, and I spent 7h hours this. Fortunately, this time I was not too late (the previous one of Ancient Phoru was submitted 2 days after the deadline Lol). But unluckily, this time my drawing was really careless. I like the character model of the owner but it’s quite hard to draw because of many details, and I didn’t have time (I have to take care a lot of artworks, and the most recently is my Prime Marauder one), so I was quite hurry with this. That’s why my line was not good and the artwork looked like my drawing a few years ago OMG. The only thing that maybe I like best was the background, and it’s quite surprising that I just spent 30 minutes to do it. However, this is just a doodle, so I think it’s ok, though spending 7 hours is quite slow for doodling I guess.

ZX Gigamix _ Track 6 translation

Another translation for Rockman ZX Soundsketch ZX Gigamix , also made by my friend Venom00 (on DeviantArt). This time he translated Track 6: ZX Portrait_ Death and Witch, which is one of my favorite track in the CD. The track focuses on Prometheus and Pandora at the time after the final Serpent incident in ZX game. I like this track not only because of the voice but also because of these duo (yeah, they are cool like hell^^)

The other tracks may be translated, or may be not. I don’t know because the Soundsketch-es are full of noise, which makes the voices harder to hear, so my friend is not sure about ¬†doing on these. But, I hope to see the translation of them someday.


The drama track from original ZX Gigamix:


The translation:

Citizen A: “Arrrgggh help me!!!”
Citizen B: “Run! It’s the Irregular!”
Pandora: “Wait for me, onii-chan!”
Prometheus: “Hurry up! The Irregular is coming! …Let’s hide in here!”
Pandora: “Onii-chan…I’m scared…!”
Prometheus: “Quiet! It’s gone… Let’s get out of here…! Ah…!”
Pandora: “Ah wait! …Huaaa!”
Prometheus: “Arg what are you doing?! Let’s go!”
Pandora: “Yes…!”
Prometheus: “Shit… We’re surrounded! Shit… Shit!!!”

Computer: “Restored cluster of memory found. Establishment of predetermined link verified.
Target cluster of resistance produced. Temporary mind stabilization of subject executed.
Maintenance completed. Opening capsule.”
Prometheus: “A dream, huh…”
Pandora: “Good morning, Prometheus.”
Prometheus: “Pandora… You woke up earlier huh. Shit… This healing capsule is
uncomfortable as hell. Couldn’t that Albert at least notice that?
Pandora: “You had that dream?”
Prometheus: “Yeah. Kinda… How long have we been asleep for? And the situation?”
Pandora: “A lot has happened after Serpent was defeated by Model ZX. Legion is making
its move after the disaster of Serpent Company.”
Prometheus: “Albert is covering things up faster than we thought. Those Trinity geezers
are unexpectedly good.”
Pandora: “The next mission briefing from albert has yet to come. What should we do?”
Prometheus: “That bastard is not making a move huh. Even after testing Model V on
Serpent, or making enemy of Model ZX… He must have noticed by now. That’s
not all the Ultimate RockMan should have. That bastard is still continuing
with this game.
Pandora: “The Game of Destiny…to find the Ultimate RockMan. The battle of the RockMen…”
Prometheus: “Right… If that’s the case, what we have to do is already decided. Let’s start
looking for the remaining Model Vs. Pandora, gather all the information on the rest
of Model Vs and put them on the monitor.”
Pandora: “Understood.”

Soldier A: “Take cover! Reinforcement is coming! …Shit. We got the readings of some kind of
energy but…what’s with this type of Irregular? What the hell are those mercenary
we hired doing?! Can’t you do something as their leader?!”
Soldier B: “Not good. They’re not responding. With this many Irregulars, I think the mercenery
are done for already. We should just give up and run!”
Soldier A: “Don’t fuck with me! This work… This investigation… Are you saying we should
just run when we’re this close?! Arrggghh!!!”
Soldier B: “Hey…get a grip!”
Soldier A: “Sh…it… Is it it…?!”
Prometheus: “Too many…you Irregular punks. Clear a path to Model V already!”
Soldier B: “He defeated the Irregular…with just one hit… What power.”
Soldier A: “I-I-I don’t know who you are but please help us! I’ll give you money or whatever
you want! At this rate we don’t stand a chance against those Irregulars!”
Prometheus: “Hm… You trash.”
Soldier A: “Why…?”
Prometheus: “You’re just another enemy. Model V attracts Irregulars. The Irregulars draw
out the new RockMan. You trash who can’t stand against these Irregulars have no place
in this game!”
Soldier B: “Reaper… Grim Reaper…! It’s the Grim Reaper!!! ARGGHHH!!!”
Prometheus: “Engage them already, Pandora.”
Pandora: “Take this.”
Prometheus: “Now…make way so I can get to Model V! You Irregular pieces of shit! Hahahahah!
Now come! Let’s meet again in this game!”
Pandora: “When that time comes, destruction will also come. Everything… Everything, will be destroyed.”
Prometheus: “Just you wait, Albert…and you RockMen! Isn’t this fun…? No corpses… Just a game of dolls!!!”



And the illustration for this, like the one in Girls Bravo:


ZX Gigamix _ Track 13 translation

This is the translation for Track 13 of Rockman ZX Soundsketch ZX Gigamix named ZX Portrait: Girls Bravo.

My partner did this, not me (I don’t know Japanese^^), and I appreciate his work because I haven’t seen any translation for this on the Internet. I wonder, why don’t people translate it? Maybe because it’s too long and has a lot of voices and noises in the scene when Aile, Prairie and Fleuve was on the main street, which made the track quite complicated. Despite it, this is really a good drama track for the series Rockman/Mega Man ZX because of the attractive voices and the moods setting in it, and it also extends the storyline of ZX franchise, explaining more about what happened in the transition of ZX and ZX Advent. I really like this track and have been looking for the translation of it but there’s nothing on the net, until I got this from my friend. And he also promise to translate the other ones, which made me excited. I hope he will not forget it (well, he’s absentminded sometimes I guess^^).


The drama track from original ZX Gigamix:


And here is the translation (woa, it’s long. Well, because the track is more than 9 minutes…O.o) :

Prometheus: “Persistent, aren’t you? However…don’t underestimate Model V.”
Pandora: “You can’t interfere.”
Aile: “That’s my line… Go!”
Pandora: “Model V is…destroyed…!”
Prometheus: “Tsk she’s really done it… Let’s go, Pandora. A scrapped Model V is of no use anymore. Until then…Rockman Model ZX.”
Pandora: “Farewell.”
Aile: “Ah… Geez what’s wrong with them…!”

Prairie: “With this…Aile has successfully destroyed the tenth of Model V. We understand that Prometheus’s goal is to assemble all the Model Vs but…it’s unlikely that we have defeated them. Apart from this, although there have been so many battles already…they’re clearly keep Aile alive on purpose. But why…?”
Fleuve: “Um…Prairie-san. You’ve been researching for ten hourse straight already. Please rest a little bit…”
Prairie: “I’m sorry, Fleuve. I still can’t gather all the pieces together. I should keep going for a bit longer.”
Fleuve: “Y-yes…”
Prairie: “For what purpose is Prometheus trying to collect the Model Vs? How many Model Vs are there really? …Not good. I finally have more old data but…why?”
Fleuve: “Hmm…this is a problem.”
Aile: “Fleuve!”
Fleuve: “Ah Aile-san.”
Aile: “Is Prairie…still doing research?”
Fleuve: “I think Prairie-san has been uneasy ever since we got more information
about Model V after the Serpent incident.”
Aile: “But then…wouldn’t she collapse at this rate?”
Fleuve: “That’s right. What to do…”
Fleuve&Aile: “Hmmm…”
Aile: “That’s it!”
Fleuve: “Aile-san!”
Aile: “Hey Prairie, let’s go out and play for a bit!”
Prairie: “Aile… I’m sorry. Right now I’m composing a mission plan from your report.
We can’t get our hopes up just yet after Model V’s awakening in that incident
with Serpent. The promised spring thunder… Something big is going to happen…
I’m getting this uneasy feeling. I’m just not in the mood to be worried or glad at all.”
Aile: “That’s why! …Because you’re precisely not in the mood that you don’t need to
feel not in the mood right now! Now just go! You get it, right?”
Prairie: “Ah wai- don’t pull me so hard! …But where are we going?”
Aile: “Just right when I want to see all the stuff on the main street… Let’s go and see
them now! It’ll be fun. I’ll choose something nice for you to wear!”
Prairie: “E-eh…?”

Clerk: “What do you think about this one?”
Aile: “See? You really look good in that dress! …Yep, you’re cute!”
Prairie: “C-cute?”
Fleuve: “Oh man you’re pretty, Prairie-san!”
Prairie: “Am I…?”
Aile: “It’s decided then! Um Miss clerk? I want this one!”
Clerk: “I’m sorry. This item is currently out of stock. New ones of this size
is only available next year.”
Aile: “Eh?! For a whole year?!”
Clerk: “My deepest apology. We’ve been through a lot after the Serpent Company
incident. Surely you’ve heard of that?”
Prairie: “I see… I’m sorry. We’ll come back at another time. Let’s go, Fleuve.”
Fleuve: “Prairie-san…”
Aile: “No way…”

Clerk: “Thank you very much.”
Aile: “Hey Prairie…”
Prairie: “I’m sorry Aile. I’ve seen how much the people suffered earlier. It’s just
not the right time after all… Right now the researching department is downloading
the data from Model H (Hunter in background: “Ashe! Hurry it up, will ya?) and other
LiveMetals. We don’t know much about the situation revolving around Model V
(Aile: “”What should we do Fleuve? Isn’t this bad?!”) without his data.
(Fleuve: “I know but…!”) And…we (Waitress: “Welcome back, Master!”) still don’t
know Prometheus’s goals. That’s right… Prometheus used to attack the Guardian Base…”
Ashe: “Bosh!”
Citizen A: “Hey. Aren’t those two look strange?”
Citizen B: “That old man somehow is really weird… (Fleuve: “Aile-san, please calm down!”)
Is he her lover?”
Citizen B: “Are you a moron? The hell is that? (Fleuve: “Right Prairie-san?”)”
Aile: “Prairie?”
Prairie: “Indeed I don’t know about the replacement. Day after day I just think about the
world’s peace in vain. I can’t dress fashionably… Indeed I can’t do that. But I… But I…!”
Citizen A: “What’s wrong with you? Do you have some business with us?”
Aile: “Oopsie sorry! It’s nothing! Sorry for getting in the way!”
Fleuve: “Now let’s go, Prairie-san!”
Citizen A: “What was that all about? But…that girl is really cute! (Ashe: “That’s why I said
it’s troublesome! Hey are you even listening?!”)”
Citizen B: “Really peaceful, no?”

Waitress: “Welcome! May I ask how many of you are there?”
Fleuve: “Um three people.”
Aile: “Prairie…(Waitress: “Please come this way!”) Um…”
Prairie: “I’m sorry. I should have been more careful but…”
Aile: “…You messed up again?”
Prairie: “Eh?”
Aile: “Earlier you just made a mistake for nothing. When they’re at their limit, it’s fine for
girls to laugh more, you know.”
Prairie: “But…I’m trying my best so that everyone can have peace…”
Aile: “But even if there is peace in the world, it would be meaningless if you can’t be happy.
That’s why you…everyone of the Guardians should live each moments to the fullest.”
Prairie: “Aile…”
Aile: “Seeing you messed up out of nothing earlier…it just felt painful. At this rate, you’ll
forget how to laugh.”
Prairie: “…”
Aile: “That’s why… Laugh, okay? You’re really cute when you smile. That guy earlier said so too!”
Prairie: “Is…that so…?”
Aile: “Was it just my imagination then?”
Prairie: “Geez, Aile…”
Aile: “Yep, that! A smile!”
Fleuve: “Sorry for making you two wait!”
Aile: “Thanks, Fleuve.”
Prairie: “Hm? Aile did you cut yourself?”
Aile: “Ah this? It’s nothing much. Apply a little cream and it’ll be fine… That’s right did you
hear? Recently there’s this type of cream that would clean the wound and get it healed
immediately. Incredible, right?”

Prairie: “Aile let’s go. Let’s go get that cream.”
Aile: “Eh? Ah sorry. I was just thinking about that…”
Prairie: “Erring is not good. Girls should be selfish once in a while, right?”
Aile: “Ehe I’m glad… Thanks. Then should I get you something too? Recently you’ve been getting
cuter and cuter.”
Prairie: “Really? But I’m not all that fashionable…”
Aile: “It’s alright. I’m not that cool either. Ehe… Let’s go.”
Fleuve: “Ah? Um (Prairie: “Hey Aile, how much do you know about that cream?”) how about the bill?!
Wait you two please wait (Aile: “Hm I’m not sure… Let’s go get it together then!”)!”
Waitress: “Sir? Shall I charge you now?”
Fleuve: “Ah that’s… Umm… Prairie-san!”

Prairie: “I’m sure the day we have to fight will come again. Even until now, I still don’t know if
the battles have started or not. But… Just for today…I can act like a normal girl…right?
…Thank you, Fleuve. Thank you, Aile.”



And I also had the illustration for this track from the Gigamix booklet:

Wow, what I can say is: “Kawaii desu”. Really love the drawing of Hitoshi Ariga (he’s the author of Mega Man Megamix and Gigamix manga, and also the illustrator who made the cover of Mega Man Tribute official hardcover^^)

Something before the final exam. Meme half progress.

Oh well, long time have no post. I haven’t forgotten or abandoned this blog, really, I don’t intended to do that. Just because I have a bad cold these days and it makes me very tired. Plus, my final exam is near, so I want to save time to focus on it. Actually I know that this examination is nothing to me because these class I’m learning are very easy, but I still want to be hard-working to improve my English (though the fact is that I’m not so really hard^^;). I decided to skip classes in the next semester, so I asked my teacher for giving me the permission to take the placement test again cuz I wanted to learn in the class that¬† fit to my level. And the result of the test was really good. I skipped 4 classes and jumped to the highest class that the test allowed me to pass. I was happy but I was also worry because the level of the class I got is quite high comparing to my level now I think. However, I asked everyone and they encouraged me that I should do what I had from the test and so it gave me more confidence. And because of the grade of the test, my teacher was so kind to offer me a job as a college tutor. I was so glad because I’m crazy to find a part-time job that is suitable for me (well, my health doesn’t allow me to do everything) and now I will have a job I want. I hope that everything will go well because this job is useful to me. I can learn more and have more chance to practice, as well as getting more experience. Well, but that’s the future story. Now I must take care of the final exam first. I don’t want bad grades, so I guess I must push myself more in these days when my head is always in somewhere Lol.

But everything can’t make me stop doing what I like. Well, I use my little free time to draw besides playing Elsword and watching Shining Hearts, though in these days my drawing speed is too bad. However, I manage to get some ideas, but I doubt if I can do them Lol. Well, they’re mostly for my FC Cross/Kurosu. But, leave him behind for the next time. Now I’m happy that I can go the half-way of this (it took me several months I think cuz I don’t have time)


I borrowed this meme from the Deviantart and was interested in it. And luckily, my FCs for HE is more than enough for this. However, I want to test a new style so it took me some time. I decided not to use MMZX style but my own style instead. Will continue to work until it finish. So, please see it as a preview (well, 100% is better than 50% zooming, but…^^)

H.E Voice Test part 1

Long time no think about my fiction (i was too busy and had no inspiration so I left it and wait until I can continue to do it again though I’m doubtful about the possibility) and I’ve suddenly got this surprise.

This is just a sample to test the voice for 2 main characters in my fiction based on Mega Man ZX series called Mega Man ZX Holy Era. I didn’t make it. It was made and posted by one of my partners whose nickname is Venom00 (RM2312ed on Youtube). He made this couple of days ago by borrowing the voice from the anime and sent it to me. Well, it makes me excited, and maybe it’s one of the rare things that I can feel happy with in these stressful days. To be honest, I’m bad at voice and remembering the name of the seiyuu (actually it hard for me remember names generally), so I can only imagine how my characters’ voices hear like but never make it. I mean, find suitable voices for them.

And this sample is really good. Not mention about the voices but just the reason that these two guys are my most favorite FCs (or OCs at sometimes when I don’t like to put them in the setting of the fiction) of all the time is enough to make me excited.


(Fawnix: “It’s really tragic. The majority of people wish not with good intentions…but with evil intentions under the name of greed.”

Noir: “There’s no exception. I’ve decided. I’ll kill you myself. Just exactly how I like it…”)


Oh well, the first picture (of Fawnix) is what I drew a long time ago, but the second one for Noir/Reino is not what I made. Actually I’ve never completed Noir’s concept before. That’s why I haven’t got a real CG palette for him. Now I must think about it. I’ll certainly draw him someday. However, I’m afraid of my style. Recently I haven’t been able to draw with my old ZX style. I don’t know why, maybe I haven’t used it for a long time. Another reason may be because I’ve been affected by the style of the other series that I know such as Elsword, Code Geass, Roman… I’m so confused. It’s really hard to follow one style when you know so many others, and mixing style is something certainly happens. However, when the style is mixed, they won’t follow the original, and the spirit or expression will be different a lot. That’s what I’m worrying about. Before I couldn’t make Noir concept because his design is cruelly hard to draw (I must say that I admire what I have in my head Lol), but now when my skill is improved and I have my own good equiment (thanks to my Wacom that helps me a lot in drawing these times), I can’t make it in ZX-look-like style. Oh man, that’s really troublesome. I have to find a way to solve this.

Oops, it seems I’m off topic =”=. Well, about the voice… Sound cool, huh?^^ I really like the voice of Hiroki Touchi here. It fits Fawnix’s personality very well (and the quote is good too^^). The same as Noir with Tomokazu Seki, though I think it lacks something for this character (actually I think the later part is better). I mean, his coldness and heartlessness has something more to do with it. Maybe because his personality is deeper than what we can see. However, I think it’s just my sense, maybe because I put to much hope and effort in this character (he’s still the one I like most, especially on days when I’m feeling down)… Anyway, my friend did his good job for this.

And about my FCs, maybe I will talk more about them later when I have time. There’s something I want to make clear about them, not for anyone knew about my project before but also for me to figure their personality out better because of their complex thoughts and characters. For me they are interesting, and I love them so much along with my other FCs (but maybe more than the others^^). So I’ll definitely do it.

Old stuffs

Posting for fun.

Well, I requested and had these when I was in Vietnam. They are my old stuffs, but sometimes when I see it, I feels somehow interested. Yeah, I used to be a huge fan of Mega Man and Sonic franchises. Well, that doesn’t really mean now I don’t like them anymore, just because now they haven’t had anything attract me much like before. However, I’m still waiting and hope that someday they will have something new, as well as the old days or better if they can. Maybe I will become a huge fan again?…

I do not use these for commercial purpose, just for admiring and love^^. Thanks for drawing these.

All credit to the artists. I do not own any of these (except artworks of my OCs)