Dream Port 2008 Maxi Single

I know that it is old, very old (yeah, from the year 2008), but I like this single very much. The best composers, Yuki Kajiura of FictionJunction and Revo of Sound Horizon collaborated together. What is better than that? For me they are perfect duo. I love songs from both of them, and I know that their styles of composing are very different, though one aspect for sure is their songs usually having fantasy atmosphere. Yuki’s songs are melodic, sacred and chanting, while Revo’s are deep, philosophical, omnibus, mysterious and metaphorical. But together, their collaboration is amazing. That makes me impressed. I still remember the first time I heard Sajin no Katana he, it was so good that I couldn’t describe my feeling, especially when Revo and Yuki sang together. Their voice was really  good (I didn’t know that Yuki’s voice is that great). Maybe it’s the best song I’ve ever heard (to tell you the truth, thanks to that song that I know about Sound Horizon and their unique story-music, so it began the time I addicted Sanhora’s songs and stories, and have had headache usually because of the analysis Lol).

So, I upload it again for those who want to hear this masterpiece. It’s really great^^

Download link:

Dream Port_Yuki Kajiura and Revo

Hope you like it too