Something before the final exam. Meme half progress.

Oh well, long time have no post. I haven’t forgotten or abandoned this blog, really, I don’t intended to do that. Just because I have a bad cold these days and it makes me very tired. Plus, my final exam is near, so I want to save time to focus on it. Actually I know that this examination is nothing to me because these class I’m learning are very easy, but I still want to be hard-working to improve my English (though the fact is that I’m not so really hard^^;). I decided to skip classes in the next semester, so I asked my teacher for giving me the permission to take the placement test again cuz I wanted to learn in the class that  fit to my level. And the result of the test was really good. I skipped 4 classes and jumped to the highest class that the test allowed me to pass. I was happy but I was also worry because the level of the class I got is quite high comparing to my level now I think. However, I asked everyone and they encouraged me that I should do what I had from the test and so it gave me more confidence. And because of the grade of the test, my teacher was so kind to offer me a job as a college tutor. I was so glad because I’m crazy to find a part-time job that is suitable for me (well, my health doesn’t allow me to do everything) and now I will have a job I want. I hope that everything will go well because this job is useful to me. I can learn more and have more chance to practice, as well as getting more experience. Well, but that’s the future story. Now I must take care of the final exam first. I don’t want bad grades, so I guess I must push myself more in these days when my head is always in somewhere Lol.

But everything can’t make me stop doing what I like. Well, I use my little free time to draw besides playing Elsword and watching Shining Hearts, though in these days my drawing speed is too bad. However, I manage to get some ideas, but I doubt if I can do them Lol. Well, they’re mostly for my FC Cross/Kurosu. But, leave him behind for the next time. Now I’m happy that I can go the half-way of this (it took me several months I think cuz I don’t have time)


I borrowed this meme from the Deviantart and was interested in it. And luckily, my FCs for HE is more than enough for this. However, I want to test a new style so it took me some time. I decided not to use MMZX style but my own style instead. Will continue to work until it finish. So, please see it as a preview (well, 100% is better than 50% zooming, but…^^)

H.E Voice Test part 1

Long time no think about my fiction (i was too busy and had no inspiration so I left it and wait until I can continue to do it again though I’m doubtful about the possibility) and I’ve suddenly got this surprise.

This is just a sample to test the voice for 2 main characters in my fiction based on Mega Man ZX series called Mega Man ZX Holy Era. I didn’t make it. It was made and posted by one of my partners whose nickname is Venom00 (RM2312ed on Youtube). He made this couple of days ago by borrowing the voice from the anime and sent it to me. Well, it makes me excited, and maybe it’s one of the rare things that I can feel happy with in these stressful days. To be honest, I’m bad at voice and remembering the name of the seiyuu (actually it hard for me remember names generally), so I can only imagine how my characters’ voices hear like but never make it. I mean, find suitable voices for them.

And this sample is really good. Not mention about the voices but just the reason that these two guys are my most favorite FCs (or OCs at sometimes when I don’t like to put them in the setting of the fiction) of all the time is enough to make me excited.


(Fawnix: “It’s really tragic. The majority of people wish not with good intentions…but with evil intentions under the name of greed.”

Noir: “There’s no exception. I’ve decided. I’ll kill you myself. Just exactly how I like it…”)


Oh well, the first picture (of Fawnix) is what I drew a long time ago, but the second one for Noir/Reino is not what I made. Actually I’ve never completed Noir’s concept before. That’s why I haven’t got a real CG palette for him. Now I must think about it. I’ll certainly draw him someday. However, I’m afraid of my style. Recently I haven’t been able to draw with my old ZX style. I don’t know why, maybe I haven’t used it for a long time. Another reason may be because I’ve been affected by the style of the other series that I know such as Elsword, Code Geass, Roman… I’m so confused. It’s really hard to follow one style when you know so many others, and mixing style is something certainly happens. However, when the style is mixed, they won’t follow the original, and the spirit or expression will be different a lot. That’s what I’m worrying about. Before I couldn’t make Noir concept because his design is cruelly hard to draw (I must say that I admire what I have in my head Lol), but now when my skill is improved and I have my own good equiment (thanks to my Wacom that helps me a lot in drawing these times), I can’t make it in ZX-look-like style. Oh man, that’s really troublesome. I have to find a way to solve this.

Oops, it seems I’m off topic =”=. Well, about the voice… Sound cool, huh?^^ I really like the voice of Hiroki Touchi here. It fits Fawnix’s personality very well (and the quote is good too^^). The same as Noir with Tomokazu Seki, though I think it lacks something for this character (actually I think the later part is better). I mean, his coldness and heartlessness has something more to do with it. Maybe because his personality is deeper than what we can see. However, I think it’s just my sense, maybe because I put to much hope and effort in this character (he’s still the one I like most, especially on days when I’m feeling down)… Anyway, my friend did his good job for this.

And about my FCs, maybe I will talk more about them later when I have time. There’s something I want to make clear about them, not for anyone knew about my project before but also for me to figure their personality out better because of their complex thoughts and characters. For me they are interesting, and I love them so much along with my other FCs (but maybe more than the others^^). So I’ll definitely do it.